Day #3

On the 3rd day of Christmas, Genus sent to me: 3 Marketing Maestros!  

I am not ashamed to admit that when I started back in September, I assumed that the majority of marketing is focused on advertisements and social media posts. How wrong I was! The marketing gurus at Genus ABS fill a variety of roles within the business but all focus on one thing: helping us to better understand what our farmers need and how we can help them. We can then use this know-how to suggest suitable ideas, products and services for their farm businesses. Communicating these suggestions to our customers is another key role of the marketing team. 

If we look at all our current products and services, they all aim to provide a solution to the farmers we work with. We help their businesses become more efficient, profitable and therefore sustainable. For example, the Sexcel® and Beef Infocus™ strategy aims to solve the male dairy calf welfare problem as well as providing an extra source of revenue from beef on dairy. This is before we even consider the accelerated genetic progress they gain! Transferring these great ideas to customers all starts with marketing. Clearly, the work of this department is vital which is why I’m excited to tell you about changes to the team. 

Nicola McDougall has been appointed ABS EMEA Marketing Director, building upon the great work done by David Dunlop. Nicola will be directing the marketing team as they help our customers and staff navigate what is certainly a turbulent but exciting time in agriculture right now. We are also bringing in fresh talent in the form of Amy Ford: Market Intelligence and Customer Insight Specialist. Amy brings experience from her role as brand manager at Procter and Gamble as well as a background in Cheshire dairy farming to help her understand customer’s operations. The work that Amy will be doing is really exciting as it means we will be more in tune with our customer partners than ever before. Amy will constantly be “feedback hunting” so we can learn how to fix new issues that the industry is encountering and help cattle farmers progress. 

Services Brand Manager is a brand-new role within the marketing team. Given my past experience as an RMS Technician, this is fantastic to see being brought in. It shows our dedication to providing the best AI service there can be. Emma Pepler is perfectly suited to this role and very excited to help our technicians and customers fulfil their herd fertility dreams. Emma will lead marketing strategy for RMS, AI and the Breeder Tag System, helping to adapt each whilst maintaining the 5-star quality that has come to be expected. At the end of the day, it is the Technician who provides customers with that vital service on-farm and supports them when they’re up against it. We want to continue to support the Technicians and Farmers in any way we can.  

Written by George Peart, Graduate Management trainee