Day #6

On the 6th Day of Christmas Genus gave to me…

On the sixth day of Christmas, Genus gave to me… a 6 intercountry EAA Distributor team.

2020 has seen a re-envisioning of how our European, Asian and African (EAA) Distributor team work to support our customers in over fifty countries. The team faced a big challenge, but they were able to succeed by each contributing something special. One individual rarely has all the answers, but the team works collectively and effectively to find them.


The EEA Distributor team is relatively small and works in six different countries with different time zones. In normal circumstances, members of the team would travel outside of their homeland a couple of times a month, but in this year of the ‘pandemic’, things have been far from normal. The team has had to adapt in order to be able to continue working to support our customers, enabling our customers to continue to feed the world during these uncertain times. The team has embraced new technology and methods to support our global customers and partners; video calls have become the norm, with unexpected virtual coffee breaks as far afield as Thailand! The team has managed to complete four new partnership projects through the use of MS Teams, with all contracts signed and completed within 2 hours without the need for printing or travel! An interdependent team finds the will and the way!

Communities we work in

In a world where a quarter of the households still do not have access to a fridge, a global pandemic makes the seriousness of food security all too real. The dairy sector can serve as a powerful tool for providing food security by offering a regular source of income, and a source of nutrition for both the household and community. Our EAA Distributor team has been able to communicate with our customers in central Asia and Africa via Whatsapp, enabling first-hand insight into what was happening on the ground. Virtual tours of farms and cows meant the team was able to continue to provide support and advice to farmers. Customer promises have been kept, with shipments being conducted throughout 2020, by export distribution teams securing freight space for our products.

2020 has been a year of unprecedented circumstances, but as a team EAA Distributors have stepped up and provided support to all the communities we work in by pulling together and embracing technology creatively. The revolution of working practices in the last nine months, is likely to outlive the current Covid-19 health crisis, and help Genus evolve further in the future.