Day #7

Product development

On the sevenths day of Christmas Genus ABS brought to you super sire selection. Our newly appointed European Breading Programme Manager Hendrik Albada has been busy ensuring we are offering the best genetics to customers. Hendrik has enjoyed the “we feeling” of Genus ABS. He has felt this we feeling from people being extremely involved with business and proud to work for Genus ABS. Despite not even being able to meet his team in person yet due to Covid-19 restrictions, he believes his team work well together.

It has been an exciting year for the Dairy Product Development team. Hendrik had this to say about the past year “we have been able to strengthen the position of Genus ABS in the industry with some breed leading NM$, GTPI, PLI sires and much more. It’s a very exciting time as the sons of our highest sires from last year are coming into production now”. One bull we are excited about as a business is ABS Achiever, who is in many ways a special bull. Achiever who has been proven since December 2019 has added lots of daughters across the globe. The most important thing to us at Genus ABS is farmers and breeders around the globe are happy with their Achiever daughters. Achiever was the sire of bulls like Heroic and Acura, who are also developing in very influential mating sires for ABS with several high sons coming into production now and coming soon. On the maternal side his influence is also present, Achiever for example is the maternal grandsire of bulls like Tennessee and Envy who are currently also been actively used as mating sires.

Hendrik would also like to let people know we haven’t just seen improvement with the Holsteins but also other breeds. Hendrik said we “have added some very exciting genetics to our line-up including several of the highest-ranking Friesians. This exciting line-up, pipeline of upcoming prospects, pregnancies and females we are working with thru several great partnerships. Genus ABS will also be a great partner for your herd in providing profitable genetics”. For next year be looking out for some amazing bulls which will get your herd’s PLI rising like a phoenix!

ABS Achiever