Powerstart Xtra

Keeping silage cooler for longer

Powerstart Xtra and Acti-Maize Xtra are the latest innovations to join the Genus ABS silage additive range. This new technological advance will maximise silage fermentation quality while minimising silage heating on the clamp face or in the trough.

Why does silage heat up?

Good quality silage can heat up if air is present. That’s because good quality silage tends to contain more sugar and more of the nutrients that your cows need to perform well. However, these silages are also the most appealing for spoilage yeasts and moulds that lay dormant in the clamp. When these yeasts and moulds are exposed to air they multiply rapidly and lead to heating. Powerstart Xtra and Acti-Maize Xtra help to suppress the activity of these yeasts and moulds, keeping your silage cooler for longer.

So how does it do this?

We have combined the bacteria unique to Powerstart and Acti-Maize with a specially selected citrate. The interaction between them produces diacetyl which inhibits yeasts and moulds as part of the fermentation process. It does this without compromising silage quality. As a result more of the essential nutrients in the silage are retained for your cows.

Powerstart Xtra & Acti-Maze Xtra: Cooler For Longer

Trials have shown that Powerstart Xtra treated silage takes more than twice as long to heat up with no compromise on pH, which means more nutrients are retained with fewer losses.

Powerstart Xtra & Acti-Maize Xtra: Fewer Dry Matter Losses

In scientific trials dry matter losses were 5.9% lower with Acti-Maize Xtra compared with untreated maize silage. This means you will have more quality silage to feed to your cows.

  • Super fast fermentation.
  • Increased palatability.
  • Increased dry matter intake.
  • More milk production.
  • Better fertility – shorter calving interval by 10 days.
  • 5.9% fewer dry matter losses – more silage to feed.

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