ABS Icon SHOTTLE Reaches One Million Units Produced

Global phenomenon 29HO12209 Picston SHOTTLE-ET EX-96 has become the 11th sire at ABS Global to achieve millionaire status. This monumental achievement is an attribute to his influence and success as one of ABS’ most well-respected sires.

SHOTTLE produced his one millionth unit of semen on December 20, 2011. He boasts seven sons on Holstein USA’s Top 100 TPI list, including the industry’s highest son, 29HO13846 TRIGGER. SHOTTLE remains a top 100 sire himself, with over +2000 TPI and 47,000 milking daughters. ABS is currently marketing conventional and sexed semen from over 20 SHOTTLE sons globally.

“SHOTTLE has left an undeniable impact on the industry,” stated Mark Smith, global director of product development. “He and his sons have the capability to transmit outstanding type with health and fitness traits, ideal for today’s dairy producers around the globe.”

SHOTTLE graduated from the ABS Cornerstone program and entered the active lineup in 2004. His early proof numbers indicated that he was something special, but it was in the following years that SHOTTLE built his reputation as a global icon of the Holstein breed. SHOTTLE stood atop Holstein USA’s Top 100 list for seven straight sire summary releases (from January 2008 to January 2010), remained a top 15 sire the next five runs, and today at nearly 12 years of age, remains in the top 25.

Housed in the Genus ABS production facility in North Wales, United Kingdom, SHOTTLE has been a favorite with all production staff that have cared for him due to his unique character. He displays pride and receives the outstanding attention from a highly skilled and dedicated livestock team. SHOTTLE is exceptionally well-tempered, a trait that he transmits to his progeny.

“A true superstar and ever the show off, at 12 years of age SHOTTLE enjoys nothing more than to let off steam by playing in the bark, displaying the agility and youth of a bull half his age,” noted James Hudson, U.K. operations manager.

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