Génétique de Bénéfice Net

Want to Maximize Your Profitability & Efficiency?

The Net Profit Genetic program allows you to breed a herd of cows that are more efficient, lower maintenance, and sustainable - allowing you to better control expenses, reduce daily challenges and improve your bottom line.

Genetics and bull selection play a key role in the size of your milk check and are vital for profitability with your feed costs.  The Net Profit Genetics program identifies the genetic selection needs for your operation and dials in on key genetic traits that directly influence your milk check and feed efficiency.  This allows you to improve the genetic speed of your herd.

What are the benefits of the ABS Net Profit Genetics program?

  • Use genetic selection to customize your herd to actually get what you say you want in an easy, straightforward, no fluff format.
  • Maximize your milk check by selecting for the specific traits needed for your milk market (fat & protein lbs, milk volume and somatic cell count)
  • Create more moderate-sized cows to fit your facilities better, require less intensive management through improved reproductive performance and less health events resulting in lower herd costs
  • Healthier, efficient cows for improved labor efficiency and a better ability to weather market downturns when they come

The concept is easy to understand.  We’ll analyze your herd, separate all of the all-stars within it and create a program to mate them with other superior genetics to produce better results for you long term.  This program sorts thru all the fluff for you.  We’ll also have a plan to address strategic improvements for the rest of your herd.  Does having a herd with more top performers sound appealing?

If you’d like to breed a lower maintenance, more efficient and sustainable herd of cows, contact us today.  800-ABS-STUD (227-7883).