The Beginning of an Era – ABS Global Releases Bolton Sons

Two 29HO11111 BOLTON sons are leading the excitement at ABS Global with the release of the April USDA sire evaluations – 29HO14062 GILLESPY and 29HO13991 RUBLE are two of the first proven sons available and are looking to follow in the great BOLTON’s footsteps. Both new releases are backed by two generations of ABS millionaire sires.

29HO14062 De‐Su GILLESPY‐ET*BY is a BOLTON x SHOTTLE that provides an elite combination of high production and superb type. His daughters are standouts in udder attachments (+2.39 UDC) with excellent mobility (+2.31 FLC) and are long bodied, clean boned individuals with depth and openness of rib. Proven in both the U.S. and Canada, GILLESPY is generating excitement around the globe with an impressive group of first crop daughters. Take the GILLESPY virtual daughter tour on the web at

“GILLESPY combines two ABS millionaire sires with the BWM Georgia family into one wonderful package,” notes sire analyst Paul Trapp. “His family has lived at De‐Su for several generations and offspring from the family age gracefully with outstanding udders.”

29HO13991 Kings‐Ransom B RUBLE*TY is a BOLTON x BOLIVER son that combines the classic traits of BOLTON and BOLIVER to continue an ABS legacy of success and production. Outstanding udders and large volumes of milk through many lactations will be especially pleasing to producers, as well as RUBLE’s fertility, TPI, and consistent composite numbers.

ABS Cornerstone® specialists Hannah Worden and Kirsten French are excited to report the success of first crop daughters from RUBLE, commenting, “RUBLE’s dam made just short of 40,000 lbs in 365 days as a two year old and is backed by four generations of bull mothers. RUBLE daughters are looking great, and he is quickly becoming an ABS Cornerstone® team favorite.”

To implement one of these BOLTON sons in your breeding program, contact your local ABS representative or call 1‐800‐ABS‐STUD.

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