New Sires In ABS Global Holstein Lineup Offer Diversity


 ABS Global Inc. graduated 17 new sires with the release of the December 2012 USDA Genetic Evaluations. The diverse offering includes new standouts in TPISM, Net Merit and type with the ability to produce highly functional, profitable daughters that can put milk in the tank.


Daughter of 29HO14450 HISTORY
Nordic-Ridge History Chels, Kurt & Deon Amundson, Mt. Hope, WI

 “We here at ABS are excited about the new graduates and the wide variety of genetic solutions these bulls can offer to our valued customers,” said Wayne DeBuhr, North America dairy product manager. “ABS strives to offer genetics that will fulfill and exceed breeder’s goals and we are enthused to meet that demand.”

29HO14450 HISTORY, a unique Jardin son, combines milk with positive components. With over +120 pounds combined fat and protein, HISTORY spells profitability. Coming in with a PTA (Predicted Transmitting Ability) for type of +2.26, HISTORY sires high type daughters with moderate sized frames.

ABS’ highest new release at +2130 GTPI, 529HO14258 TABBER is an all around type improver that will sire daughters with standout traits for udders and feet and legs. TABBER adds stature, strength and openness, while still coming in as a calving ease sire. This ABS Sexation® sire may be used to increase all around profit.

94HO14173 BUXTON is one of the breed’s elite type sires with +3.38 PTA type, +3.34 udder composite and +3.10 foot and leg composite. Writing an impressive pedigree, 29HO11111 TY BOLTON x SHOTTLE Brasilia x Durham Barbie, BUXTON is sure to sire show stoppers. Daughters will have exceptional udders with extremely snug fore udder attachments and high, wide rear udders. BUXTON is a promising BOLTON son to add type without sacrificing production.

A unique Nifty son, 29HO14335 TWIST, graduates into the ABS lineup as a Net Merit specialist. Coming in with a +$707 Net merit, use TWIST to increase profitability in your commercial herds. Siring medium-sized cows with great feet and legs that are built to last on concrete, TWIST spells customer satisfaction with +1,023 milk, +1.9 daughter pregnancy rate and +6.2 productive life.

ABS Rock Solid 29HO10124 BOLIVER son, 29HO14414 ORVILLE, debuts in the Holstein Association USA’s Top 100 TPISM List and will be an all around foot and leg improver. 29HO13916 JAGGER, a BOLTON son, is bred for profitability with +1506 milk while lowering the somatic cell score. 29HO14288 HADDY may be used for increased daughter fertility and calving ease. 29HO1414 BRUNO improves udders and feet and legs in one generation while still being a huge production improver. 29HO14344 CHASE and full brother, 29HO14343 CORNELL, provide long-lasting, trouble-free cows built to succeed in many environments.

The new graduate lineup also features six ABS Sexation® sires, including 529HO14258 TABBER. 529HO14180 REUBEN, a former ABS PrimetimeTM bull, creates many opportunities for use as an outcross sire with his sire stack, Tres x Ramos. An ABS Rock Solid BOLTON son, 529HO14184 SENNET, provides one of ABS’s highest semen fertility, coupled with +1500 milk. 529HO14225 SULLY sires fancy uddered daughters while increasing component yields. 529HO14229 TIZER is a Jose maternal brother to new release 529HO14258 TABBER, providing improved udder cleft as an outcross solution. 529HO14269 CZAR sires durable frames that have balanced strength and openness while improving daughter fertility. 529HO14297 DUSTON is an early Baxter son offering a new source for production at +1,455 milk. 529HO14136 MURDOCK is a high type Mascol son that transmits beautiful, balanced frames with +2.50 somatic cell score and double digit fat percentage increase.

To implement any of these sires into your breeding program, contact your local ABS representative or call 1-800-ABS-STUD.

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