ABS graduates nine sires to solid lineup, led by #1 TPI Dorcy

Dtr of 29HO14142 DORCY

Ladys-Manor Dorcy Oda VG-88

Ladys-Manor Farm, Monkton, MD

DEFOREST, Wis. – In a solid December sire summary run, DORCY tops the official Holstein USA Top 100 TPISM List and ABS Global graduates seven Holstein and three Jersey sires to an already outstanding lineup.

BOLTON son 29HO14142 DORCY only continues to improve with age, as his breed-leading TPI reached +2267 this December. His combination of outstanding type and production make him a viable option for producers around the globe, as he utilizes +1600 Milk in addition to +3.00 PTAT to make daughters fun to look at that are ready to go to work.

A group of solid udder and production sires from proven ABS genetics lead the new graduate list. 29HO14627 SOTO is a JET STREAM x SHOTTLE son that yields high producing daughters at +1582 Milk with outstanding fat tests. A solid TPI sire with +2141, SOTO uses his ABS sire stack to make youthful, well attached udders from tall frame cows.

An Active x SHOTTLE son, 29HO14733 SHERAC enters the lineup with +2125 TPI. This +2.38 PTAT sire excels in calving ease at 6.1%, and with +2.1 DPR his resume shows daughters that excel across the board with solid production from great mammary systems.

29HO14748 GELDON (JEEVES x BOLIVER) and 29HO14487 SHANNON (BOLIVER x SHOTTLE) complete the conventional graduate lineup, and bring tall, strong cows with quality udders to the table. GELDON hails from the same family as ABS proven sires GARRETT and GERARD from Schillview Holsteins, and is a true feet and leg specialist. SHANNON’s sire stack of BOLIVER x SHOTTLE needs no introduction, as he is a tremendous udder and production improver that increases longevity, fertility and milk quality.

ABS continues to build on its offering of Sexation® sires, and adds three Sexation exclusive bulls to the list this December. 529HO14768 JIVES is a son of the original longevity king JEEVES and a popular ABS Primetime® bull that has surpassed expectations. At +2051 TPI, JIVES will produce trouble free cows with great locomotion and well-attached udders. A low SCS (2.62) and good DPR (+1.6) add to an impressive list of health traits.

Also graduating as a Sexation exclusive sire is 529HO14660 AYERS. This Planet x SHOTTLE son produces strong, open cows with good dairy form and great udders. Finally, 529HO14586 BENTON is a Mascol x BOLIVER that provides smaller framed cows with above average production and solid mammary systems that are ideal for commercial operations.

The ABS Jersey lineup expands with the addition of 29JE3756 PREMIER and 29JE3691 TERRY. PREMIER is the Impuls x Jace son backed by three dams averaging 93.3 points. He was a popular ABS Primetime bull that is making fancy daughters that excel in components, DPR and productive life. TERRY is a Gannon-PR x Impuls that can add size and strength from a high producing family with outstanding longevity.

“Now more than ever, ABS has the strength and diversity in an impressive lineup of sires that can fulfill any producer need or goal,” stated Wayne DeBuhr, dairy brand manager for ABS North America. “ABS continues to offer genetics that will increase producers’ bottom line no matter their breeding goal.”

To implement any of these sires into your breeding program, contact your local ABS representative or call 1-800-ABS-STUD.

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