ABS new graduates part of robust genetics pipeline

With an excellent August 2014 proof run, ABS has graduated 24 new bulls that
will join elite company led by DORCY – the number two proven TPI sire at +2352.
29HO14142 DORCY continues to excel and improve each sire run, and leads the ABS
pack with credits that include +1907  PTAM, over +3.00 PTAT, UDC and FLC, and +702


“The graduates we added to our August lineup show
the strength of our genetic offering and our robust genetics pipeline,” says
Kris Scott, ABS global dairy brand manager. 
“At ABS, we recognize that the needs and expectations of our customers are
ever increasing, and the recent graduates demonstrate how our lineup is taking
dairy genetics to new levels.” 


this class of graduates is 29HO14828 MYRLE, an outcross sire (Leif x Encino) at
+2251 TPI, with outstanding health and fertility traits (2.57 SCS, +4.4 PL and
+1.1 DPR). MYRLE daughters are long lasting, trouble free cows with youthful


daughter-proven graduates

of the new graduates, LARGE, PLUMBER, and BEAU are former ABS Primetime
standouts. 29HO16090 LARGE (Super x SHOTTLE) is elite for TPI (+2256), type (+3.06
PTAT), and udders (+3.08). His early daughters are living up to the promise of
his lofty genomic predictions.  


PLUMBER (Planet x SHOTTLE) is an ABS Sexation exclusive sire with tremendous
calving ease (6.6%), producing daughters that excel in milk production (+1846
M), milk quality (2.65 SCS) and longevity (+4.8 PL). 529HO14925 BEAU (Man-O-Man
x Goldwyn) reigns from the globally popular Regancrest Barbie family. This ABS
Sexation sire is outstanding for calving ease (5.3%) and transmits high type
(+2.12 PTAT) from healthy udders.


group of graduates are from familiar faces to the ABS family. Holstein breeders
that had success with popular Rock Solid Genetics Diamond sire, 29HO13366
BEACON, should consider 29HO14976 FRANCHISE – an early Freddie son from a full
sister to BEACON that sires high, wide rear udders and excellent fertility
(+1.30 DPR).


graduating are full brothers 29HO14821 PAMPA and 29HO14825 PICARDUS, Planet
sons from the world-renown Rudolph Missy family at Pine-Tree. Like his brother,
PAMPA sires daughters that excel in producing high levels of fat and protein
(+130 CFP). PICARDUS is an international superstar and future sire of sons with
extreme production (+2416 M) and components (+72 P and +76 F).


breeders can look to top ten PTAT sire (+3.68 PTAT and +3.00 UDC) 94HO14912
EMBASSY – a new addition from St. Jacobs ABC. This Sanchez son from Golden Erin,
an EX-90 GMD DOM, hails from a tremendous family known for its ability to
transmit breed-leading type.


genomic Holsteins

On top
of the exciting new additions to the daughter-proven lineup, ABS Primetime
genomic bulls SILVER and MONTEREY are making headlines of their own. 29HO17573 SILVER
(+2621 GTPI) and 29HO16955 MONTEREY (+2600 GTPI) are two of the highest-ranked,
readily available bulls for GTPI in the entire industry. SILVER, a Mogul x
Snowman son also excels in lifetime profit (+949 NM$ and +1019 CM$), and MONTEREY,
a McCutchen x Robust, is a tremendous type sire (+3.71 PTAT and +3.53 UDC) in
his own right. Both of these young bulls provide producers the opportunity to
reach new heights in their genetic programs.



ABS Jersey lineup once again leads the breed in JPI with full brothers VOLCANO
and VISIONARY both graduating from the Primetime lineup. These LEGAL x
Paramount sons provide lifetime profit through daughters with remarkable
production and longevity, from quality udders. 29JE3762 VOLCANO has a
remarkable JPI at (+265) and transmits tremendous production (+2020 M). 29JE3761
VISIONARY’s daughters are confirming his elite genomic predictions (+249 JPI)
and outstanding production and udder quality (+1700 M and 3.83 JUI).


genomic Jerseys

ABS leads the way, with 29JE3866 HARRIS (+283 JPI)
ranking first among all available genomic sires.  At +2,064 PTAM, this exciting VOLCANO son is
a production star (+79 F and +69 P) with great udders and strong fitness traits
(+5.7 PL).  29JE3915 HECTOR (+259 JPI) is
a JUPITER son with +156 pounds of combined fat and protein.  29JE3927 WALTER (+249 JPI) is a HILARIO son
at +5.05 JUI that completes this diverse trio of elite genomic sires.


more information on these and additional August graduates, visit the ABS
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