ABS graduates 12 bulls In December 2014

With an outstanding December 2014 proof run, ABS graduated 12 new bulls to join the influential ABS sire lineup.  Leading this class of graduates is 29HO16200 MESSIAH, a +2265 TPI® Freddie son that will turn heads.  MESSIAH will share the stage with 29HO14142 DORCY, who has proven himself once again by securing number 8 in the TPI® top 10.   The TPI® Top 10 is a place he has known since his graduation in August 2012. ABS also graduated their first DORCY son, 29HO16078 DOMINIC.

Additional highlights:

Daughter-proven Holsteins
MESSIAH and BINGO lead the way in an elite group of graduates. 29HO16200 MESSIAH is looking to be a high-demand sire with solid production (+1100 M), feet and legs (+2.24) and high-ranking TPI (+2265). 29HO14992 BINGO is a Planet x O Man son with tremendous milk (+1504 PTAM), productive life (+3.8) and the ability to reduce frame size for more efficient cows.

ABS also graduated two new bulls from outcross pedigrees. 29HO16160 CASTLE is a Bowser x Offroad son with outstanding fertility (+2.9 DPR), excellent health traits (+3.3 PL), and solid calving ease (6.4%). 29HO16102 CASPER is a Bogart x BOLTON son which spells profitability with +438 NM$ and the ability to improve fat and protein. CASPER is also a calving ease specialist (5.9% SCE) that adds herd life (+2.4 PL).

If producers are looking for a DORCY son to improve type and udders, they should look no further than 29HO16078 DOMINIC. DOMINIC is from an extensive AI family including SHOUT, DODGE, SHELDON and SHIMMER which have all stood in the ABS barns. His daughters will have outstanding rear udder height and width with excellent fore-udder attachments (+2.26 UDC). 

Primetime Genomic Holsteins
On top of the exciting new additions to the daughter-proven lineup, ABS Primetime™ genomic bulls SILVER and BOASTFUL demonstrated significant improvement to their already-sky-high genomic proofs. 29HO17573 SILVER (+2683 GTPI®) and 29HO17607 BOASTFUL (+2600 GTPI) are two of the highest-ranked, readily available bulls for GTPI in the entire dairy genetics industry. SILVER, a Mogul x Snowman son also excels in lifetime profit (+821 NM$ and +840 CM$). BOASTFUL, a Supersire x Man O Man, is a tremendous sire for production and health traits (+0.15% PTAF, +0.09% PTAP, 6.1% SCE, +5.9 PL, and +2.6 DPR).

Daughter-proven Jerseys
The December sire summary proved to be an incredible victory again for the ABS Jersey program. 29JE3762 VOLCANO, an August 2014 graduate from the Primetime lineup, continued to exceed all expectations as he improved to +657 NM$ in the face of a base change and NM$ reformulation. 29JE3768 DAYBREAK joins the elite company of VOLCANO as the newest Jersey graduate. DAYBREAK, from the heart of the Violet cow family is set to improve fat and protein yield and sires hard working cows with strong lifetime profit (+501 NM$).

Primetime Genomic Jerseys
ABS is proud to offer high-ranking young Jersey bulls, including VOLCANO son 29JE3866 HARRIS. This JPI™ all-star (+262), has exciting production and components (+1744 PTAM and +120 CFP) with longevity (+6.7 PL). Another sire to watch for is 29JE3927 WALTER, a HILARIO x Valentino son that is a CM$ specialist (+576), with outstanding components and productive life (+5.5) for cows that stand the test of time.

For more information on these and additional December graduates, visit the ABS website at cms.genusplc.com/absglobal.

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