DORCY and MONTEREY Top Strong ABS Lineup

WIS. (April 10, 2015) – In a solid April sire summary run, proven sire DORCY is once again the
highest living sire on the official Holstein USA Top 100 TPISM List.
ABS Primetime® Sire MONTEREY leads the genomic lineup at ABS Global and lands
fourth on the Holstein USA Top 100 TPISM Genomic Young Bull List.
These sires, in addition to seven Holstein and one Jersey graduate, complete a
solid lineup of bulls for producer profitability and improving the bottom line.


29HO14142 DORCY continues to get better each sire summary, with a TPI now at
+2318. At +1800 Milk, +682 NM$, +.3 DPR and 2.67 SCS, in addition to +2.99 PTAT,
+3.24 UDC and +2.96 FLC, DORCY is making daughters that can produce high
volumes of quality milk without sacrificing type.


29HO16955 MONTEREY is one
of the most intriguing genomic young sires to ever hit the ABS market. This
McCutchen x Robust x Zenith x SHOTTLE son combines a unique pedigree with
industry-leading TPI and Net Merit rankings at +2578 GTPI and +859 NM$. From
the Rudy Missy family, MONTEREY excels in all key areas for production, health,
fitness and type, with +3.74 PTAT, +1571 M, +83 F, +65 P, +.7 DPR and 6.9% CE.


With every
sire run, ABS becomes increasingly committed to providing sires with
outstanding health traits.   The latest graduates are headlined by
29HO14961 ARMITAGE – an early Man-O-Man son out of a Goldwyn dam and previous
ABS Primetime sire that provides a total package with milk volume (+1124 M),
components (+68F, +49P and +630NM$), health (2.71 SCS and +2.5PL) and fertility
(+1.3DPR). Add 5.1% Calving Ease and ARMITAGE is truly a complete package that
can be used across a herd.


sons follow closely the footsteps of ARMITAGE on the new graduate list.
29HO14802 JETTIE (JEEVES x SHOTTLE) and 29HO14684 GALLON (JEEVES x Goldwyn)
both excel in TPI and Milk, but more importantly, both sires are +2.8 DPR with
+5.5 PL or higher. With an extremely rare combination of high milk production,
longevity and fertility, these bulls are optimal for leaving high producing,
long-lived, and healthy daughters.


SHAQ (Leif x SHOTTLE x Rudolph x Blackstar) is a rare Leif son, unrelated  to most of today’s  popular sires. An excellent  source of daughter fertility at +1.0 DPR, he also
adds +1300 Milk, and a low cell count at 2.69 SCS  providing dairy producers an appealing option
to use as outcross sire.


MUNGO (Mascol x ALTON x Capri x Manfred) is another outcross sire to provide
producers a unique sire stack without sacrificing milk production or
components. At 5.6% CE, MUNGO can be used across the herd and maintain
production values, consistent type and health and fitness traits.


the list of Holstein graduates are 29HO14592 HOWIE and 29HO14744 CONAN. HOWIE,
a Baxter x Potter son from a family long admired by U.S. AI companies, is  fit for the type and longevity market, with
+2.58 PTAT, +2.74 UDC and +2.57 FLC. CONAN is a Goldwyn x SHOTTLE from the
Larcrest Cosmopolitan family, and is also a type specialist and outstanding
udder sire. CONAN can also improve milk components and is positive for DPR.


ABS adds
one Jersey to the lineup in 29JE3702 VERTEX. This Dale x Paramount son provides
an Impuls-free sire stack that combines two of the all-time great female
transmitters of milk production in the Jersey breed, Gratitude and Violet.
VERTEX is one of the highest PTA Milk bulls today with +2078 M, and has the
ability to increase total revenue through +123 lbs combined Fat and Protein.


To implement
any of these sires into your breeding program, contact your local ABS
representative or call 1-800-ABS-STUD. Complete proof information on graduates
is available at


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