DEFOREST, Wis. (Aug. 11, 2016)—ABS Global (ABS), a division of Genus plc, a global pioneer in animal genetics, announced yesterday the first jury verdict in its anti-trust litigation against Inguran LLC, operating as Sexing Technologies (‘ST’), relating to ABS’ Genus Sexed Semen (‘GSS’) processing technology.

At the trial, in the US District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin, where the verdicts were announced, the jury found that ABS had proved that ST willfully maintained monopoly power in the market for sexed bovine semen processing in the US. The jury found that ABS had not proved that it had suffered injury as a result of ST’s willful maintenance of monopoly power.

“We have long believed that ST was preventing ABS from competing in a fair and open market,” said Jesús Martinez, ABS’ global business development director. “All we are seeking is the opportunity to commercially use our GSS technology, and compete fairly in the market for bovine sexed semen processing.”

The jury has still to consider ST’s counter claims related to two of its US patents (numbers 8,206,987 and 8,198,092) and ST’s counter claims that Genus breached confidentiality obligations under the 2012 semen sorting agreement between the parties. The jury is expected to deliver verdicts on these matters shortly.In addition the jury will also consider, if applicable, a verdict on damages in relation to these matters later this week.

GSS is a novel technology for sexing bovine semen that does not subject the sperm cells to high pressures and forces. Dairy farmers have a preference for female calves, and the useofgender skewed sexed semen in artificial insemination provides customers with female calves from ABS’ elite genetic lines. The commercial launch of GSS would provide ABS’ customers with the benefit of a new technology solution for the processing of sexed bovine semen, which will help them accelerate genetic improvement in their herds.

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Headquartered in DeForest, Wisconsin, U.S.A., ABS Global, Inc. is the world‐leading provider of genetic improvement solutions and reproduction services that help customers PROFIT FROM GENETIC PROGRESS. Marketing in nearly 80 countries around the globe, ABS has been at the forefront of animal genetics and technologies since its founding 75 years ago. ABS Global is a division of Genus plc.

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