ABS Global Develops Research Agreement with Cactus Feeders, Inc.

ABS Global, a world leader in bovine genetics, recently developed a research collaboration agreement with Cactus Feeders, Inc., to determine the genetics needed for the optimal feedlot-destined animal. ABS Global, headquartered in DeForest, Wis., USA, is a global leader in research, development, and commercialization of elite bovine genetics. Cactus Feeders, headquartered Amarillo, Texas, is the world’s largest privately owned cattle feeding operation with 10 large-scale feedyards across Texas and Kansas; with a one-time capacity of more than 500,000 head .

“Our goal is to use actual commercial data from this program to validate the genetic advantage that can be delivered to Cactus,” said Matthew Cleveland, Global Product Development Director – ABS Global. “Our genetics are being sourced to create the optimal animal that can drive efficiency, profitability, and sustainability for our customers.”

Under the agreement, ABS and Cactus will collaborate on a research and development program aimed at producing a differentiated terminal beef animal, working to increase the production of high quality, red meat compared to like animals that are currently available in the open market.

“At Cactus, our mission is to feed a hungry world,” said Justin Gleghorn, Cactus Director of Value Management. “We view this agreement as a way to improve our product; as well as our business model. This means being forward thinking, innovative, and looking for new ways to provide society with affordable, safe and healthy protein.”

Working in partnership is nothing new for ABS Global and Cactus Feeders. The two have been collaborating on projects for almost five years and this new partnership was a natural next step.

“We really see this new partnership with Cactus as an extension of the success we’ve had working together,” said Todd Sears, North America Beef Sales Director – ABS Global. “While it’s unique to be discovering the value of genetics in the supply chain, working with Cactus is a natural fit on such a project.

 The commitment to working with customers in such a manner has been a part of the ABS philosophy for some time. For example, a similar initiative took place in 1996 when ABS partnered with the Circle A ranch in Iberia, Mo., USA, and began collecting individual progeny intake data in 1998. And more recently, ABS has partnered with Agropecuaria Fazenda Brasil, a ranch in Barra do Garças, Mato Grosso, Brazil, to evaluate feed efficiency in crossbred animals, the first time it had been done in a commercial environment.