Beef InFocus – Beef on Dairy, but not as you know it


ABS Beef InFocus™, powered by NuEra Genetics™, delivers proven and reliable beef genetics for the dairy producer to maximize calf crop value while driving beef supply chain efficiency.

Tailored Beef Genetics for Dairies

Beef InFocus sires are specifically created for dairy cows to maximize dairy and beef supply chain profitability.

  • NuEra Genetics is the genetic engine behind Beef InFocus.
  • NuEra develops an elite source of composite sires intentionally designed for performance on dairy breeds.
  • Each sire carries the XB breed code and NuEra in their name, is DNA-confirmed homozygous black and homozygous polled and evaluated for:
    • Growth
    • Feed Intake
    • Carcass Quality

Proven Performance on Dairies

Fertility and calving performance - traits that are economically important for dairies - are collected through ABS Global’s Real World Data® (RWD™) system.

  • To qualify as a Beef InFocus fertility graduate, a sire must have a minimum of 500 breeding observations from at least four different herds.
  • Calving performance is evaluated by collecting data and confirming:
    • Calving ease
    • Stillbirth
    • Gestation length

RWD Fertility


Calving Ease




Gestation Length

Beef Supply Chain Marketability

ABS Beef InFocus has quickly become the most reliable source of consistent quality beef on dairy calves in the market place.

ABS works with key industry partners in the beef supply chain to help dairies find the most profitable opportunities for Beef InFocus cattle.

Additionally, ABS evaluates and benchmarks total performance of ABS Beef InFocus genetics from birth to harvest.

What sets ABS Beef InFocus apart from other beef on dairy programs?

Not every beef on dairy calf has the same genetic value. Each ABS Beef InFocus sire delivers:

  • Tailored beef genetics for dairies
  • Proven performance on dairies
  • Beef supply chain marketability
  • Data-driven results

Data Driven Results

ABS Global is committed to developing and offering elite genetics that drive profitability.

Profit from genetic progress requires a planned strategy to ensure value from each and every pregnancy.

ABS works with dairies to create a comprehensive genetic plan that aligns with the dairy’s goals. Most plans utilize Sexcel® Sexed Genetics on the genetically-superior animals and strategically use ABS Beef InFocus on the bottom of the herd to create the high-demand, beef cross calf the industry is seeking.