ABS NEO has a clear goal: Help beef and dairy producers transform their herds quicker than ever before.

How does ABS NEO do that? By using embryos that combine the best female and male genetics to form superior replacement animals for customer herds.

Evolving from a close collaboration between ABS and In Vitro Brasil (IVB) teams in Brazil, ABS NEO taps the strengths of both organizations to build business with new and existing customers. The team searches the country for donor farms that could provide the highest quality and most efficient genetics for different breeds. After identifying these farmers and animals, ABS validates them using multiple measures, such as industry rankings, genetic audits, and assessments through our Genetic Management System® 2.0.

The team then harvests oocytes and fertilizes embryos using elite sire-line genetics supplied by ABS. Next, they’re frozen with the latest freezing technology and stored until sale and distribution to customers.

The result: a compelling way for customers to harness genetic improvement on both the male and female sides of their herd through a method that’s “as easy as using a straw of semen.” Imagine transforming a herd within a single generation by introducing more productive, efficient and profitable animals.

Since the process of thawing is similar to that used in traditional artificial insemination, IVBTRANSFER® is an exclusive innovation that allows producers to transfer frozen in vitro fertilization (IVF) embryos in a simple, direct way.


Standardization of herd whether for beef or milk


Superior genetic improvement arrives through the embryo


Embryo frozen by exclusive technology, guaranteeing ease, and flexibility of handling


Higher annual genetic gain rate = higher profitability


Access to the best genetic combination for productivity in milk or beef


Birth of superior animals already in the next generation