In Vitro Brasil (IVB®)

ABS Global Partners With IVB®

In Vitro Brasil S.A. (IVB®) is a leading biotechnology company focused on the production of bovine embryos through in vitro fertilization (IVF). Based in Brazil, IVB operates in 15-plus countries. ABS Global is the sole owner of IVB.

This partnership provides ABS Global a significant opportunity to accelerate the rate of genetic improvement offered our customers. Through the commitment of partners such as ABS, IVB has shown a significant growth since 2007 and is considered the largest company of in vitro embryo production in the world – 69% of market share according International Embryo Transfer Society (IETS) 2015 data.

IVB was established in 2002 by five shareholders to meet the growing demand for bovine IVF technology from commercial dairy and beef producers in Brazil. Today, IVB is the primary commercial provider of bovine IVF embryos with a leading presence in Brazil, the globe’s largest bovine IVF market, and a growing presence in other Latin American countries and the United States.


IVB NEO Can Change Your Business

Accelerating genetic improvement starts by using ABS Global’s Genetic Management System® (GMS®) to select both the best cows for embryo production and the lower-productivity animals as embryo transfer recipients.

Once produced, the embryos can minimize low oocyte performance due to summer heat stress. The calves will be born from your most-productive cows, resulting in higher-producing offspring.

Using IVF embryos makes it possible to change herd characteristics in just one generation, selecting your best donors for fat, protein, volume, or other important considerations, and mating with the top bulls. Using IVF embryos makes it possible to produce multiple embryos from one semen straw, thus lowering the cost per calf down.