ABS Global Genetic Management System World's Most Widely Used Mating Program

It has been another record-breaking year for the ABS Genetic Management System® (GMS®), a service offered exclusively by ABS Global, Inc. GMS successfully mated more that 5.81 million animals from July 2011 through June 2012 – an increase of nearly one million animals from the prior year. To date, over 45 million cows have been mated through the GMS program.

With more than 300 evaluators globally in over 40 different countries, GMS is the most widely utilized mating program in the world. For 43 years, GMS has been building cows that are tailor-made for individual operations, ensuring that customers’ herds remain profitable for years to come.

GMS evaluators are certified genetic consultants who provide customers with the tools to build a complete and balanced cow that excels in fertility, production and longevity.

“GMS allows us to make a better type of cow that is profitable, is easier to manage in a freestall setup and is problem free. When we started, our objective was to improve the udders and feet and legs on our cows. The cows just keep getting better and better.” – Chris Jongsma, South Creek Dairy, Earlimart, CA

GMS places an emphasis on reliability, utilizing pedigree and linear data from the largest sire database in the industry with proven results globally. GMS also offers the highest level of inbreeding protection of any program available in the industry.

“I’ve been on GMS for 7 years, and the veryfirst thing that made me look at GMS was the reliability of ABS services and the inbreeding control that GMS provides. I’ve noticed more uniformity in my herd and significant improvements to my herd’s udders.The program has saved me time, and the recommendations are veryeasy touse.” – Jan Noordegraaf, Neto-Arapoti, PR, Brazil

GMS evaluators look at both the production and type of both the sire and dam when making mating recommendations, the only mating program to do this. GMS is truly the only genetic management tool in the industry that can offer unbiased mating recommendations, complete inbreeding and genetic recessive control, and offer measurable results that meet the needs for each customer’s specific breeding goals.

“GMS really works for me, I started using the system nine years ago to simplify my breeding program and to produce a more standardized herd. I have without doubt reached my goals, the herd is more uniform and the heifers have continually improved.” – Stephen Bloor, Park Farm, Siddington, Macclesfield, Cheshire, United Kingdom

To learn more about what GMS can do for your herd, contact your local ABS Representative or call 1-800-ABS-STUD.