Dan Peapenburg Accepts Expanded Role With ABS Team

Dan Peapenburg has accepted an expanded role with ABS Global, Inc. as a genetic management specialist.

“Many ABS customers throughout Wisconsin are familiar with Peapenburg’s top-notch work as a Genetic Management System® (GMS®) evaluator. Because today’s dairymen demand innovative problem solving and consulting services, the GMS team is committed to providing localized genetic expertise for our customers. Dan’s experience and talent for evaluating modern dairy cattle and evaluating the genetic needs of progressive dairy production systems will be imperative to his success in this role,” stated Dan Bauer, genetic management programs manager. “Peapenburg, with over 15 years of experience as a GMS evaluator, has demonstrated proficiency in pairing GMS with ABS’ diverse sire lineup to help customers achieve their genetic and herd performance goals.”

In his role of genetic management specialist, Peapenburg will work closely with key customers in assigned areas to provide genetic consulting and sire selection assistance after each sire summary run. He will be responsible for collecting GMS data on customer herds through linear evaluations as well as analysis of pedigree and reproduction records. Through frequent communication and follow-up, Peapenburg will facilitate GMS protocols and procedures to ensure customers maximize genetic gain and lifetime profitability.

Additionally, Peapenburg will assist with field training of domestic and international GMS evaluators. He will use his unique experiences in the field and vast industry knowledge to assist the GMS team in striving for continued innovation so GMS continues to successfully meet the needs of the modern dairy producer.

“The GMS team is fortunate to have someone of Dan Peapenburg’s caliber on the ABS team to work with our domestic and global customers. We look forward to him expanding his current responsibilities in this new role, and for his continued positive impact on customer profitability and GMS development,” Bauer commented.