Bolton Sons Lead The Way in ABS New Graduate Lineup

The legacy of ABS BOLTON sons continues with the release of August 2012 USDA Genetic Evaluations. A total of 13 new graduates entered the active ABS lineup, including four sons of ABS millionaire sire 29HO11111 BOLTON and three Jersey sires.

“The new graduate lineup is headlined by an outstanding group of BOLTON sons that all have the ability to produce highly functional, profitable daughters that can put milk in the tank,” stated Wayne DeBuhr, North America Dairy Product Manager. “ABS strives to offer genetics that will fulfill and exceed breeder’s goals. We feel that the strength of BOLTON sons and diversity of additional graduates will provide producers elite genetics and desirable options within the focus of their sire selection to increase profit.”

BOLTON son 29HO14142 DORCY*BY leads the new graduate lineup and made his mark as the number three TPI sire on Holstein Association USA’s Top 100 TPISM list with +2266 GTPI. This BOLTON x Bret global sire of sons adds +3.13 UDC and +2.76 FLC, as well as +1347 Milk and +6.7 PL to bring functionality and profit to any dairy operation.

Graduate 29HO14080 GAVIN*BY is a full brother to April grad 29HO14062 GILLESPY*BY, and making his own mark on the ABS active lineup. Combining two ABS millionaire sires in his pedigree, this BOLTON x SHOTTLE son stands with +2104 GTPI and is tied as the number one bull at ABS for Fat, with +77 lbs. He adds over +2.00 of PTA Type and Udder Composite and 8% Calving Ease to build cows that can succeed in any operation.

An exciting new high-type Holstein graduate from the ABS Primetime™ lineup and Judge’s Choice™ program, 94HO14105 AFTERSHOCK provides incredible type linears, with +3.32 PTAT, +2.70 UDC and +2.24 FLC. AFTERSHOCK is a SHOTTLE son of the elite EX-92 Durham Atlee, and the anticipation is building as these daughters continue to calve in with great success in North America.

“We have been hearing great things about AFTERSHOCK, and that all came through in his data this week. His type is among the best of the breed, and his udder attachments continue to stand out on the daughters. We could not be more excited to watch the continued development of AFTERSHOCK daughters and the future this bull holds,” commented Tim Abbott, owner of ST. Jacobs ABC.

29HO14109 BRENDAL is another result of a BOLTON x SHOTTLE millionaire mating from the Regancrest Barbie family. The number two sire in the breed for udders at +3.87 UDC, this previous ABS Primetime™ sire returns to the lineup as a graduate with +3.04 PTAT and +1903 GTPI. BRENDAL is being offered as both a conventional and sexation sire. The final BOLTON son, 29HO14137 MICHELOB (BOLTON x Potter) will be offered as a sexed exclusive sire. MICHELOB provides excellent TPI at +2002 GTPI, and adds strong udder attachments and high production to daughters with balanced frames.

29JE3647 VIBRANT pilots the new Jersey graduates, with elite JPI (+216), Net Merit $ (+530) and production (+2027 Milk). He is a RESTORE x Paramount son and successful sire of sons, ideal for Danish genetics. 29JE3642 GATSBY was also introduced this week, and this Impuls x Brazo son produces beautiful rear udders and adds milk volume while increasing percentages. The last Jersey graduate is 29JE3630 MAGNIFICO, a LEXINGTON x Lemvig son producing long-lasting cows with strong udder attachments and component improvement.

Sires completing the August Holstein graduate lineup are 29HO14196 MACHINE (JET STREAM x SHOTTLE), 29HO14168 ASPEN (Mac x O Man), 29HO13984 ATTRIBUTE (ALTON x BOLIVER), 29HO13913 CLASSIC (ALTON x Outside), 29HO14141 DELGADO (JET STREAM x Bret), 29HO14018 LINX (Jose x Ramos), and 29HO14103 MATIC (Jose x SHOTTLE).

To implement any of these sires into your breeding program, contact your local ABS representative or call 1-800-ABS-STUD.