Jersey Lineup Tops the JPI, CM$ and NM$ Charts

The ABS Jersey lineup continues its dominance with 29JE3624 VERNON holding as the number one Jersey Performance Index™ (JPI), Cheese Merit Dollars (CM$) and Net Merit Dollars (NM$) sire and graduating two new sires, 529JE3646 VANCE and 29JE3665 VIRGIL, into the top 10 JPI list.


Daughter of 29JE3624 VERNON
Rocky Ridge Vernon 314-Grade, Dustin Gingerich, Greencastle, PA

“We take pride in the quality of our Jersey offering,” said Wayne DeBuhr, North America dairy product manager. “Our lineup is like the Jersey breed itself, small, but powerful. We want to provide quality genetics, not just quantity.”

29JE3624 VERNON remains atop the JPI list with +256 JPI, adding overall type along with production. Coming in with +657 CM$ and +611 NM$, the highest in the breed, VERNON spells profitability by increasing milk volume without losing components and the daughters are fancy! VERNON is one of the first and oldest proven sons from the breed’s current matriarch, D&E Paramount Violet, EX-90%.

New release, 529JE3646 VANCE, is an ABS Sexation™ exclusive sire, increasing foot angle and straightening leg set, creating durable, hard working cows. He is number two on the December JPI list as a maternal brother to number one JPI sire, VERNON. With +139 combined fat and protein, VANCE will increase the value of every hundredweight.

Proven success for ABS jerseys has led to success in genomics as well. 29JE3761 VISIONARY continued to have the highest JPI at +266 in the breed for the fifth consecutive sire summary. An outstanding component sire with +680 CM$ and +614 NM$ combines with +3.64 Jersey Udder Index (JUI) to produce profitable, long-lasting daughters. VANCE and VISIONARY lead the list of 14 ABS jersey sires being offered as ABS Sexation options.

The overall Jersey genomic list also proved to be powerful, with the average JPI being +210. ABS leads the genomic active list with an impressive +569 CM$ and +526 NM$ average; that is the highest in the industry by +22 CM$ and +15 NM$.

94JE3720 HIRED GUN breeds type and style into his daughters. This high customer satisfaction sire will provide a strong show ring presence. With a phenomenal JUI score of +5.26, HIRED GUN will sire daughters that will wow the judges. This, coupled with his long-life daughters, proves the value of HIRED GUN.

Producers across the country are impressed with the second-crop success of 529JE3506 LEGAL. Producing durable cows with outstanding udders, LEGAL is the perfect cross in any situation. As an ABS Sexation™ exclusive sire, his second-crop success is the perfect option to build for future success.

To incorporate any of these sires into your breeding program, contact your local ABS representative or call 1-800-ABS-STUD.

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