ABS Global, Inc. continues to offer a powerful and diverse Holstein lineup, being home to 25 sires among the Holstein Association USA’s Top 100 Total Performance Index (TPISM) list.

“At ABS, we want to offer genetic solutions that create the ideal cow for any herd. We recognize that there are two parts to any mating, the bull and the cow. By offering a wide array of genetic options, we are able to match the genetic needs of any cow to deliver a profitable daughter and herd to our customers,” said Wayne DeBuhr, North America dairy product manager. “We have several exciting, breed-leading sires for TPI, Net Merit Dollars (NM$), Cheese Merit Dollars (CM$) and type.”

29HO14142 DORCY*BY continues to climb the charts, now at number two on the Holstein Association USA’s TPI list. With +1603 Milk and +101 combined Fat and Protein, DORCY sires beautifully-uddered daughters with +4.26 Fore Udder Attachment (FUA), +4.97 Rear Udder Height (RUH) and +4.57 Rear Udder Width (RUW). These daughters are built to last, exceling in type and fitness.

DORCY*BY is the leader in a long line of ABS BOLTON sons, including number eight on the December Top 100 TPI list, 29HO14062 GILLESPY*BY. With +2252 Milk and +2.39 Udder Composite (UC), GILLESPY sires eye-catching, functional cows. Another BOLTON son, 29HO14080 GAVIN, is +100 combined Fat and Protein, building cows that can succeed anywhere. These three sires are a part of the industry-leading, 28 sires in the Holstein Association USA’s Top 100 NM$ list.

The Judge’s Choice™ lineup, a partnership with St. Jacob’s ABC, has allowed ABS to bring customers amazing type sires, like 94HO14105 AFTERSHOCK. Siring showstoppers across the world, including the Junior and Reserve Junior Champion at the 2012 International Holstein Show, AFTERSHOCK is proving to have a huge affect in the winner’s circle. Providing incredible type for UC and Foot and Leg (F&L) improvement, his influence is showing up in pedigrees across the world.

94HO13666 DESTRY*RC, another Judge’s Choice sire, produces tall, dairy daughters with phenomenal udders. His progeny are also impacting the tanbark trail. New release Judge’s Choice sire, 94HO14173 BUXTON, is one of the breed’s elite type sires with +3.38 PTA Type, +3.34 UC and +3.10 F&L. With an impressive sire stack, 29HO11111 TY BOLTON x SHOTTLE Brasilia x Durham Barbie, BUXTON is sure to sire show stoppers. BUXTON is a promising BOLTON son to add type without sacrificing production.

We continue to offer elite genomic offerings through the ABS Primetime® lineup. At +2262 GTPI and +526 GNM$, ABS holds the highest genomic active list TPI and NM$ average of all studs. Leading the ABS lineup is 29HO16263 CASUAL with +2410 GTPI and +779 GNM$, a high type sire that transmits exceptional udders. Other ABS sires with greater than +2300 GTPI and +690 NM$ include: 29HO16532 CANNON, 29HO16153 PARADISE, 29HO16323 BAYARD and 29HO16609 MELMAN.

A long-time standout in the Holstein breed, 29HO13664 LEVI, continues to be an elite TPI, NM$ and CM$ sire, providing a rare combination of high production and fertility. 29HO13363 DOBERMAN is an extreme cheese merit sire that produces daughters with outstanding rear udders. 29HO13387 SHOUT sires strong, long-bodied progeny with high components and milk volume. With 29HO12209 SHOTTLE in his pedigree, SHOUT is an overall type and production improver.

New graduate standouts from December 2012 include: 29HO14450 HISTORY, 529HO14258 TABBER and 29HO14335 TWIST. 29HO14450 HISTORY, a unique Jardin son, combines milk with positive components. ABS’ highest new release at +2130 TPI, 529HO14258 TABBER is an all around type improver that will sire daughters with standout traits for udders and feet and legs. A unique Nifty son, 29HO14335 TWIST, graduates into the ABS lineup as a NM$ specialist. Coming in with +$707 NM$, use TWIST to increase profitability in your commercial herds.

To implement any of these sires into your breeding program, contact your local ABS representative or call 1-800-ABS-STUD.

Headquartered in DeForest, Wisconsin, ABS Global is the world-leading provider of bovine genetics, reproduction services, technologies and uddercare products. Marketing in more than 80 countries around the globe, ABS has been at the forefront of animal genetics and technology since its founding in 1941. ABS Global is a division of Genus plc.