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ABS Global Genetic Management System World’s Most Widely Used Mating Program

It has been another record-breaking year for the ABS Genetic Management System® (GMS®), a service offered exclusively by ABS Global, Inc. GMS successfully mated more that 5.81 million animals from July 2011 through June 2012 – an increase of nearly one million animals from the prior year. To date, over 45 million cows have been mated through the GMS program.


2012 ABS Photo Contest Winners Selected

Six winners have been selected in the second annual ABS Global, Inc. photo contest. In the dairy division, an entry from Bethany Couchman of California was named the winner.


Bill Rauen Joins ABS Team as Dairy Sire Analyst

Bill Rauen has joined ABS Global, Inc. as a dairy sire analyst and member of the regional sire analyst team. “Bill has a wealth of experience in the dairy cattle breeding and A.I.


ABS Announces 2012 Beef Representative Roundtable Winners

An elite group of authorized ABS Independent Representatives have earned recognition to participate in up‐coming ABS beef week events. A customer’s local ABS Representative serves an important role for ABS Global, Inc. Each year they are the voice and face of ABS in the field serving customers.


ABS Bolton Sons Receive Visit From Classifier

ABS Global sires and BOLTON sons 29HO14062 GILLESPY*BY and 29HO14080 GAVIN*BY received an excellent first visit from the classifier this month, when they scored Excellent-93 and Excellent-92, respectively. “GILLESPY and GAVIN are the beginning of an era in ABS BOLTON sons, and both hail from the same million-unit mating of BOLTON x SHOTTLE,” stated Scott Bentley, global dairy product manager. “These bulls produce daughters with outstanding production and healthy udders, and are globally proven s…


ABS Global Announces Bullboard Contest Winners

ABS Global, Inc. announces the winners of the ABS bullboard slogan contest, open to all dairy and beef enthusiasts with creative ideas for this globally recognized interstate icon. The winning slogan is “With ABS, your calves are only an arm’s length away,” submitted by Jackie Shankey of Black River Falls, Wis.


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