Foam Active Wipes

Valiant Foam-Active Wipes are a revolutionary new wipe designed to be used before milking to provide an efficient and effective tool for pre-milking sanitation. They are a convenient one-step prep; using a specially formulated combination of active ingredients, resulting in a highly effective anti-bacterial foaming germicide. The broad spectrum anti-bacterial action of the wipes remains intact, even when contaminated with 10% organic matter, such as muck, milk or soil.


Saves you time – Using these wipes removes one of the steps in the pre-milking process, saving you time, money and labor.

Best cleaning wipe on the market - Chlorine dioxide is the industry’s superior germicide and gives you more broad spectrum and faster kill. The surfactants in the foam formula lead to its ability to clean and perform under heavy organic loads. As proven in scientific laboratory trials, both of these protect your herd better than any other option available today, and gives it further protection from mastitis causing organisms that rob your dairy of profits.