WWS Deutschland and ABS Deutschland join forces

Jun 30

World Wide Sires Deutschland GmbH and ABS Deutschland, an operating branch of PIC Deutschland GmbH, will operate jointly in Germany, Austria and Luxembourg as World Wide Sires Deutschland from 01.07.2021. WWS Deutschland will unite both teams and offerings as a distribution partner of ABS.

“The combination of the WWS and ABS teams and products in Germany will result as an outstanding
bovine genetics and services together for the benefit of the German dairy farmers. We look forward
to the opportunity to work with the German dairy industry in even more productive ways than
before.” (John Schouten, CEO World Wide Sires, Ltd.)

“German dairy farmers can be assured that with WWS and ABS operating together there is certainty
that the very best genetics from the USA will be available from this new cooperation.” (Nate Zwald, COO, Genus ABS Dairy at Genus Plc.)

The entire team is highly motivated and looking forward to offering the combined expertise in
genetics and management consulting combined with world-class product lines and service offerings
to our customers, ensuring sustainability and profitability for dairy farms.

Two strong players in global cattle breeding join forces
ABS Global, a division of Genus plc, is headquartered in DeForest, Wisconsin, USA, and is the world’s
leading provider of bovine genetics, reproductive services, artificial insemination technologies and
udder care products. A leader in animal genetics and technology, ABS has marketed its products to
more than 70 countries worldwide since its founding in 1941.

World Wide Sires, Ltd. (WWS) provides genetics and management solutions to meet the needs of
global dairy producers and ensure the long-term profitability of their operations. WWS genetics are
currently successfully used in 95 countries around the world. WWS (founded 1971), headquartered in
Visalia, California, represents the world’s largest A.I. cooperative, Select Sires, Inc. (founded 1938)
and its Accelerated Genetics, GenerVations and Select Sires product lines.
Headquartered in Plain City, Ohio (and represented in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Oceania
and the Americas), Select Sires Inc. is the world’s largest A.I. cooperative and is comprised of six
farmer-owned and controlled local organizations in the United States. As an industry leader, it offers
high fertility semen and excellent service and programs to provide dairy and beef producers with the
world’s best genetics.

World Wide Sires Deutschland GmbH, Bahnhofstr. 18, 48727 Billerbeck, Germany.
Billerbeck, weekday, 30.06.2021

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