Reproductive efficiency in a beef herd is related to the capability of get the cows pregnant in a timely manner. Reproduction is key for success on a beef farm and it’s highly associated with profitability.

The relationship between reproduction and profitability can be easily understood. A suckler herd that is unable to consistently get cows pregnant will not have progeny to sell for breeding, finishing or to proceesors. This, in turn, means no money coming in.

Although this can sound like simple maths, the process becomes more complex when efficiency is considered. As much as traits such as red meat yield is crucial for a suckler beef farm, the investments made to get a cow pregnant and the time it takes between calvings also determine a sustainable operation.

A good way to approach reproduction on a beef farm is to understand that all the variables within the farm are connected. These variables can be split into five major pillars: animals, people, management protocols, environment, and semen/embryos. This covers most of the area that can affect herd fertility. By categorising things in this manner, whenever one of the buckets are underperforming, we can quickly identify and mitigate problems, avoiding tricky situations when a herd problem is kept in the blind spot.

Genus ABS offerings on reproduction include:

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