Genomic testing success in Scotland

Genomic tested calf with Kay Templeton

The Templeton family

Carslae Farm

Wigtownshire, Scotland

Breed: Holstein

Herd size: 300

System: Robots

The Templeton family operate a successful robotic milking system on their 300-cow herd at Carslae Farm in South West Scotland. The family includes brothers Robert and Davy, and his wife, Kay.

The family desired a high-productive and efficient herd, one which tracked the history and genetic progress of their heifers. They were already utilising Genus ABS genetics, from which they saw great results. To accelerate the genetic progress of their herd further, they incorporated GENEadvance® into their breeding strategy, two years ago.

Using GENEadvance® means that all of their animals are genomic tested. Genetic Specialists from Genus ABS support the family in identifying their best performing females from the data collected. All of the data is stored on the GENEadvance® app for quick, easy access.

Robert (left), Kay and Davy Templeton (right)

Using genomic data

Since moving to GENEadvance® and receiving the expert advice from Genus ABS’ specialists, the Templeton family have been blown away by their results. Genomic testing and the collection of data has allowed the family to accurately see exactly how strong each of their animals are in the traits that matter to them most.

Kay Templeton said she found that some of their more physically good-looking animals actually have poor genomic results. Other cows, of whom they thought little of, are actually demonstrating great results.

By utilising their personalised dataset, they have since been able to make more informed breeding decisions by selecting the bulls which best match their heifers and goals of their farm. Doing this has seen their herd thriving more than ever before.

As a robotic milking operation, they are breeding for yield with solids, and efficient, productive animals with good udders.

genomic tested calf

GENEadvance® comes with the comprehensive digital genomic sampling platform which comprises both a mobile application and a dedicated customer web portal. It seamlessly integrates with customers’ farm software, facilitating effortless recording of genomic samples and submission of relevant data to the laboratory.

With this digital solution, customers have the convenience of accessing their results while on the move through the mobile app or through personalised, interactive reports available on the customer portal.

Pleased with the support she had received from the Genus ABS team in regards to setting up and helping with the app, Ms Templeton said: “It couldn’t be easier!”

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