Grants now available in Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 : Use yours for Ingenuity

Brown cow eating grass and wearing Ingenuity collar

The Welsh government have now re-opened the Small Grants – Efficiency Scheme, which Welsh resident farmers can now apply for.

If you are awarded this grant, you will be eligible to purchase our new and innovative Ingenuity herd-monitoring system, which comes in the form of either collars or pedometers.

These grants offer a great opportunity for you to invest and improve the operation of your farm, at a much lower cost to you and your business.

What are the grants?

The Programme for Government has demonstrated their commitment to supporting the rural economy and are aiding farmers to produce food in a more sustainable way, to combat the climate emergency.

This means that the Welsh government have allocated a fund, which will be released over a course of three years, to allow you to invest in your farm.

For this application window, the budget has been set at £5.0m and will be spread across numerous farms throughout Wales.

If successful in your application, you will be awarded between £1,000 and £12,000.

What is the purpose of the grants?

  • To increase on-farm investment
  • To increase technical performance
  • To increase on-farm production efficiencies
  • To increase on-farm resource efficiencies
  • To enhance the use of technology to improve management decisions.

Why should you invest in Ingenuity?

Ingenuity is a herd-monitoring and management solution, designed to save you time and maximise your herd’s performance.

This technology provides insights on your herd’s behaviour and activity with the aim of improving fertility, health and well-being.

The system combines a customised and flexible blend of the latest innovation in herd-monitoring technology (collar or pedometer), insights, data and reports, LED cow locator, sort-gates, artificial Insemination (AI) Services, and our expertise, support & back-up.

What do our customers think?

Adrian Pritchard

“I can now minimise antibiotic usage by checking cows on the Ingenuity system and treating them as soon as a health alert appears.

“I am grateful that the system has allowed all my staff to easily and effectively use the alerts to improve overall herd health.”

Simon and Ben Davies

“We call it an electronic 24-hour herdsman, it has enabled heats, locomotion issues and mastitis to be detected on our 170 cow milking herd.

“It has enabled us to enjoy peace of mind when employing new staff and being away from the farm, giving us more freedom to concentrate on other things.”

How can I apply?

This application window will open on 16 January 2023 and will close on 24 February 2023.

To be eligible to apply, you must be registered with the Welsh Government and have been issued with a Customer Reference Number.

They will check if you have an eligible Basic Payment Scheme or Glastir Organic claim, so that they can assess if you are a primary producer of agricultural products and that you have 3ha of eligible agricultural land in Wales.

If you have previously participated in the Farm Business Grant, this will not affect your ability to apply the maximum £12,000 in this window.

To apply for this grant, please visit ‘Section C – Applying for the Small Grants – Efficiency Scheme’ on the Welsh Government website.

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