The new herd-monitoring solution by Genus ABS, Ingenuity, has been designed to be your new 24/7 herdsperson.

With the ability to monitor the activity and behaviour of every cow in your herd, our new cow collars and pedometers can share information with you regarding cow health and numerous other benefits.

One main advantage of the new Ingenuity system is heat detection. By identifying behavioural changes, our collars and pedometers will detect which of your herd are on heat, and the perfect time to carry out artificial insemination, as a result.

A Genus ABS staff member showing farmer how to interpret data from Ingenuity.

A good heat detection system can have a major impact on the overall performance of your herd, as well as improving your overall spend.

For example, when you use our new herd-monitoring tool, you will only artificially inseminate the cows that your collars and pedometers pick up on.

This means that your cows that are not detected will not be inseminated, which is the key to ensuring semen is not wasted and your cows conceive at the right time.

Ingenuity’s heat detection system will further identify your cows that are suitable for mating.

A cow's leg showing the pedometer it is wearing.

The labour shortage is a serious concern for many farmers right now and finding the time to observe your herd can be difficult.

Investing in Ingenuity means you will no longer need a skilled worker on your farm to observe your herd for visible clues, such as; standing to be mounted by other cows, increased vaginal mucus, restlessness or bellowing. Our herd-monitoring solution is designed to do the hard work for you.

Our system will monitor your cows much more accurately than your staff, due to its ability to observe every individual cow, 24 hours a day.

Here at Genus ABS, we know how valuable your time is as a farmer. That’s why we designed Ingenuity, to save you time and improve your herd’s efficiency.

Ingenuity will be available to purchase via the government Farm Investment Fund when applications re-open. You can find out more about Ingenuity via our website.

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