#LendaHand: It’s time for change

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It may sound obvious, but if you don’t make the changes you dream of in life, nothing will ever change.

You might find yourself thinking; “I wish I worked less hours”, or “I wish I had more employees”, for example. Those ‘wishes’ will never come true if you don’t make them happen.

If you are aware of your own unhappiness, it is time to take steps to change your quality of life.

Consider talking to people, connect with likeminded individuals and reach out to the wide range of support that is available to help you.

If work is becoming a stress that you can not shift, seek to change things. Working in agriculture isn’t always a straightforward business, but there are resources available to support you and implement the change you desire.

Genus ABS has partnered with the following charities designed to support you…

  • The Farming Community Network (FCN) was made to support farmers and families within the community through hard times.
  • RSABI works to help people in the Scottish agricultural industry by providing emotional and financial support.
  • PIPS is a charity designed to support those who have (or have had in the past) suicidal thoughts, and families and friends who have been affected by it.

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