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No matter your age, gender or profession, your mental health is important.

Working in agribusiness is no easy job, it comes with numerous stresses and is highly demanding, but there are resources available to help you and your friends and family. Whether it’s talking to someone, practicing at-home-exercises to ease your mind, or medical help, aid is there for you.

A study by the Farm Safety Foundation found that 92% of farmers under 40 years old believe that their poor mental health is the biggest problem they have to face. This is a large increase from 82% in 2018.

With a 10% rise in concern, now is the time we need to take action.

We at Genus ABS partnered with #LendAHand, who work to support and aid the lives of our farmers and their families.

A bit about our charities …

The Farming Community Network

The Farming Community Network (FCN) was made to support farmers and families within the community through hard times.

This organisation and charity has over 400 volunteers across England and Wales ready to help you when you need it.

Volunteers for this charity come well equipped with agriculture experience, giving them a greater understanding of the difficulties you might face on a daily basis.

Whether you are struggling with your personal life or something business-related, FCN are there to help. They will provide you with free, confidential, pastoral and practical support, whenever you are ready to seek help.

If you would like to contact FCN, you can call their confidential national helpline (03000 111 999) or reach out to them over email via their e-helpline ([email protected]). These services are available 7am-11pm every day of the year.


RSABI works to help people in the Scottish agricultural industry by providing emotional and financial support.

Whether you currently work in the agri-industry or did previously, RSABI is there to help you.

This charity was founded by the Royal Scottish Agricultural Benevolent Institution in 1897 in recognition of the agricultural depression at the time.

RSABI there to support you through an extensive range of issues, from mental wellbeing to succession to animal welfare.

If you would like to reach out to them, you call them at 0808 1234 555, or visit their website.


PIPS is a charity designed to support those who have (or have had in the past) suicidal thoughts, and families and friends who have been affected by it.

Operating in Belfast and across Northern Ireland, PIPS works to deliver suicide prevention and bereavement support services, counselling and therapies.

This community led organisation began offering their services in 2008, after a tragedy which saw 14 young people take their lives over a short time.

If you are in need and would like to contact PIPS, you can call them on 0800 088 6024. You can also call their Lifeline, a service for people who are experiencing distress or despair, on 0808 808 8000.

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