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The agricultural sector, and farming in particular, can be a lonely existence. Our #Lendahand partnership has been designed to support you through difficult times.

Very often, you will be working alone, waking up early, when much of society is still asleep. You might be finding yourself surrounded more by cattle than your friends and family.

COVID-19 made it hard to connect with the world around us, and heightened loneliness for many in the agricultural industry.

Now finally, in 2023, lockdowns are over, shows and events have restarted and livestock markets are open once again.

How can I stay connected?

Staying connected is vital to our mental wellbeing. Surrounding yourself with loved ones and friends you have fun with is one of the keys to happiness.

One key way to stay connected, through any situation, is social media. While it can feel somewhat draining at times, social media is a very useful tool when staying connected with people. Especially those you don’t see every day.

Our tip is to join your local Facebook community groups, ‘like’ pages you are interested in, and add your friends and family.

Social media can be a place to share your photos and life updates. It is also a place to seek industry advice and keep updated with upcoming events near you.

One of the best ways to stay connected, particularly for young people in rural areas, is through the National Federation of Young Farmers Clubs (YFC). For over 88 years, YFC have offered a social space for young people to escape the farm (or any another daily grind.)

YFC can be a place to kick back with good friends and have a chat. The varied YFC programme offers relief from the daily routine and offers the chance to do something different with a group of people that perhaps the cow shed, or tractor cab just can’t offer.

If you need support in being connected, visit Farming Help online.

What is #Lendahand?

At Genus ABS we’re committed to supporting our chosen charities in the vital work they do for our farming community.

We recognise that farming is not always an easy way of life and it’s important for people to connect with the help and support they need. We have partnered with three farming support and well-being charities around the UK and Northern Ireland.

Our chosen charities, Farming Community Network (FCN), RSABI and PIPS work closely with farmers to provide mental health support and guidance.

You can learn more about #LendaHand over on our website.

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