NuEra Beef Genetics: Maximise your profits this Autumn

When it comes to managing a dairy operation, your key focus is profit. To maximise your return on your dairy herd you need to ensure that high-production and efficiency is evidenced amongst your herd. This is where Sexcel® and NuEra Beef Genetics can help.

To do this, we recommend following a Winning Game Plan strategy. The strategy follows the phrase: “Sexed on the best, beef on the rest.”

By using Sexcel®, sexed semen, on your most elite cows and heifers, you can be confident that your animals will produce strong, efficient offspring, which will produce large quantities of milk.

For the lower-performing animals in your herd, we suggest using NuEra Beef Genetics. This will create a beef calf crop, one which will maximise your profit.

What is NuEra Genetics?

NuEra Beef Genetics was launched by Genus ABS with the purpose of creating the most superior beef genetics to aid our customers in maximising their profit margins.

Our beef genetics generate highly marketable calves and offer proven fertility performance on dairy cows. By using this, you will profit more money per insemination.

Calves with superior NuEra Beef Genetics will always have quick growth rates, improved feed efficiency and fewer days to harvest. Because of this, NuEra calves are more attractive to calf buyers.

What is the BeefAdvantage™ index?

When it comes to breeding beef animals, we understand which traits are most important for the dairy farmer. Whether that’s calving ease, gestation length, calf quality or calf survivability.

To help us in identifying the most ideal sires for you and your herd, we created the BeefAdvantage™ index. Comprised of data from the last 40 years, the BeefAdvantage™ index is led by our extensive testing of sires. This is to guarantee that the genetics we offer to you score well on the traits most desirable.

This BeefAdvantage™ index is available on all Genus ABS proven sires, including Angus, British Blue, Hereford, Limousin, Simental, and Wagyu.

Genus ABS have the highest cut off, compared to all other genetics companies, when it comes to identifying a sire as ‘proven.’ For one of our bulls to be classed as proven, they must have a minimum of 120 calvings across 60 different herds.

Our BeefAdvantage™ index was designed to demonstrate to you the additional financial benefit a proven NuEra Genetics sire can offer per calving, in comparison to an average sire.

When it comes to examining the financial difference in sire profitability, there is a difference of £100 across proven British Blue sires and over £80 across proven Angus sires.

The FertilityAdvantage index

Our new index, FertilityAdvantage allows us to monitor and track the fertility performance of our NuEra Genetics beef sires which have been used in dairy herds based on over 570,000 inseminations.

As Genus ABS will only offer genetics of a superior value, we have a very strict threshold when it comes to the fertility performance of our animals. If the FertilityAdvantage index identifies a sire which is not performing well, in terms of reproduction, that sire is taken off market immediately.

Sires which do meet our fertility criteria will be further ranked and placed in the following categories:

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum.

Each tier offers a larger financial benefit, generating up to an extra £34 per insemination for dairy farmers.

Optimus Prime – British Blue

Optimus Prime - British Blue (NuEra Beef Genetics)

Optimus Prime is a well proven British Blue sire who has 111 calving’s across 36 herds in this proof. He consistently provides easily born progeny with 0.1% chance of an assisted calving.

His calving as shown in the picture below are blue-roan, ideal for colour marking the offspring. 

Moneyman – British Blue

Moneyman - British Blue (NuEra Beef Genetics)

Moneyman is used heavily year-on-year in block calving herds due to his breed-leading short gestation length of 279 days.

This is 4 days shorter than the average British Blue sire when crossed onto the dairy population, making him a great option for keeping the calving block tight.

He is also a leader for calving ease, with only 0.2% of his offspring requiring assistance. Moneyman is a well proven sire with 250 calving’s in his proof.

NuEra T14 0156

NuEra T14 0156 (NuEra Beef Genetics)

NuEra T14 0156 offers the complete package when used in the dairy herd.

He is easy calving when used on both cows and heifers, carries a gestation length of 280 days, which is two days shorter than the average angus sire and produces a quality calf.

0072 – Angus

NuEra T14 0072 is a very popular bull for block calving systems. He offers great calving ease, coupled with a gestation length of 281 days.

This bull is very well proven with over 337 calving across 92 herds. He has received great customer feedback due to this high conception rates and ranks a platinum Fertility Advantage sire within our index. 

Barwise 1 Proteus 

Barwise 1 Proteus (NuEra Beef Genetics)

Proteus is a Hereford sire that delivers great customer satisfaction in block calving herds. He offers good calving ease coupled with a good quality calf. 

Interested in maximising your calf crop value this Autumn? Talk to your local representative or visit our website for more information.

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