Beef InFocus™

Beef on Dairy, but not as you know it.
Genus ABS Beef InFocus™, powered by NuEra Genetics™, delivers proven and reliable beef genetics for the dairy producer to maximise calf crop value while driving beef supply chain efficiency.

Data Driven Results


Genus ABS is committed to developing and offering elite genetics that drive profitability.

Profit from genetic progress requires a planned strategy to ensure value from each and every pregnancy.

Genus ABS works with dairies to create a comprehensive genetic plan that aligns with the dairy’s goals. Most plans utilise Sexcel® Sexed Genetics on the genetically-superior animals and strategically use Genus ABS Beef InFocus on the bottom of the herd to create the high-demand, beef cross calf the industry is seeking.

Not every beef on dairy calf has the same genetic value. Each Genus ABS Beef InFocus sire delivers:

  • Tailored beef genetics for dairies
  • Proven performance on dairies
  • Beef supply chain marketability
  • Data-driven results

Tailored Beef Genetics for Dairies

Beef InFocus sires are specifically created or selected for dairy cows to maximise dairy and beef supply chain profitability.

  • NuEra Genetics is the genetic engine behind Beef InFocus and develops an elite source of sires.
  • All sires including those obtained outside NuEra are intentionally designed for performance on dairy breeds.

Proven Performance on Dairies

Calving performance – traits that are economically important for dairies – are collected through Beef Cornerstone, adding to Genus ABS’s Real World Data® (RWD™) system.

The results collected are then converted to financial values to give an overall BeefAdvantage™. The BeefAdvantage index is the additional profit an individual Genus ABS proven beef sire can deliver, compared to the average bull of that breed when crossed on to dairy cows.

To qualify as fully Beef InFocus proven, a sire must have a minimum of 120 calving observations from at least 60 different herds.

Calving performance is evaluated by collecting data and confirming:

  • Calving ease
  • Gestation length
  • Calf Quality
  • Calf Survivability

Performance in Finishing

Beef rearers and finishers are constantly looking for ways to cut their costs of production to mitigate the risk of fluctuating beef prices. Focusing on dairy beef production, they can now use beef genetics to create more profitable and efficient beef animals.

An ever-increasing proportion of the animals in the beef supply chain are beef crosses out of dairy cows – currently, this is approximately 55%. Beef genetics can play a key part in increasing margins on a beef unit and, with heavy usage of AI in dairy herds, this is a great opportunity for beef finishers to increase profit margins with genetics.

Introducing the NuEra Profit Index Genus ABS have developed a totally unique genetic index. This allows beef rearers and finishers to identify groups of sires that will increase their profit margins. The NuEra Profit index considers over 150,000 RWD™ data points for traits in its evaluation. The data is drawn from multiple external sources – including stakeholder partners and current economical values.

The breeds on which this is available are Aberdeen-Angus and British Blues, the two most popular in dairy herds. Both are backed by Genus ABS’ proprietary NuEra Genetics.

Beef Supply Chain Marketability

Genus ABS Beef InFocus has quickly become the most reliable source of consistent quality beef on dairy calves in the market place.

Genus ABS works with key industry partners in the beef supply chain to help dairies find the most profitable opportunities for Beef InFocus cattle.

Additionally, Genus ABS evaluates and benchmarks total performance of Genus ABS Beef InFocus genetics from birth to slaughter.

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