Genus ABS and ABP Food Group (ABP), one of the largest beef processors in Europe collaborate to deliver better efficiencies from the beef supply chain and higher quality beef through a partnership called BeefConnect®.

BeefConnect involves dairy farmers using Genus ABS Aberdeen Angus beef sires to produce beef-cross calves. The calves should be reared on farm following best practice protocol and then collected by ABP at between 10 – 35 days old and then moved to a dedicated ABP rearing unit through ABP’s integrated beef farming business Blade Farming.

BeefConnect is currently available to farmers in Cheshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Somerset, Devon and Cornwall, with intention to expand further across the UK.

The key benefits of BeefConnect® include:

  • Collection of calves from as young as 10 days old.
  • Agreed on-farm price and payment via BACS with no commission.
  • A Premium of up to £30 extra per calf for calves sired by a Genus ABS Qualifying Premium Bull.
  • Receive up to £27.50 extra per calf sired by a Genus ABS young bull.
  • Two-week priority access to the latest Genus ABS Angus young sires.
  • Access to performance data of Angus calves from your herd.
  • Invitation to exclusive supplier group events.

Calf collection follows a simple, three-step process each weeek:

  1. Got calves to sell? Text or call the BeefConnect Manager with the number of calves.
  2. Collection date and time will be agreed with ABP and they inform on calf prices that week.
  3. ABP weigh calves on farm, those meeting specifications are purchased and transported to a rearing unit.

*Alternatively, calves may be taken to an ABP collection centre (for which there is no charge) where they will be weighed and purchased.

Calf specification overview:

  • Calves must meet the minimum weight requirements for their age.
  • Calves must have two matching ear tags.
  • Must be between 10 and 35 days old on the day of collection.
  • Calves must be fit and healthy.
  • BCMS passport details should be correct.
  • The sire eartag must be printed on the calf passport.
  • Dam of Holstein Friesian type preferred.

BeefConnect Genetic Premium:

Identifying the value of beef genetics in the supply chain, we now offer a bonus to members of BeefConnect. There are over 1,700 Angus sires represented on the ABP system, from this we have found genetics that increase growth, have high daily liveweight gains, higher yields of expensive cuts and reduced days to finish.
All Genus ABS Angus sires are categorised by performance and the two highest ranking sires are currently dedicated to ABP with a premium per calf available.

To discuss further, please contact Gemma Wark on 07814 184909 or [email protected].

Customer Testimonials

“BeefConnect is a real benefit to my business, I know the price I will receive, calves are collected off farm and I get paid via BACS. You train your eye to meet specifications, in my experience, as the passport arrives the calf is ready to go. I’ve attended events with the supplier group including Genus ABS Ruthin bull stud, Blade rearing units and ABP processing plant.”

James Thomas – Avenue Farm

“We’ve been supplying BeefConnect for over two years, finding it an easy way to sell calves without commission and saves time. Knowing the prices we will receive helps and we’ve invested in weighing scales so we know exactly when calves are ready. The difference in performance of Angus sires is huge and we are now using sires to get the genetic premiums.”

AR Jones & Son – Rose Farm

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