Genus Milking Systems

Don’t let your parlour milk away your profits

We are the UK’s largest independent team of parlour specialists providing milking machine testing services, fault diagnostics, servicing and unbiased practical advice to our clients so they can maximise their return on their milking assets. 

Nothing works harder than your parlour

We estimate that the average milking machine clocks the same hours every year as a car driven for 90,000 miles.

Your milking system is expected to do a lot of work.  Any problems can be both very costly and damaging to your business.  By ensuring your parlour is working correctly you help protect your cows and maintain the highest quality product for your customers.

Faults are silent but deadly

Many of the common problems found on milking machines cannot be seen or heard by the operator – remaining undetected. Our specialist can test, diagnose and correct unseen problems. Typically, we find faults on 70% of the working parlours we perform a dynamic test on, including: –

  • 42% had low claw vacuums- causing liner slippage
  • 47% had poor unit placement
  • 58% had mistimed ACR removal leading to over- milking and increased teat damage
  • 16% had mismatched equipment
  • 52% of milking staff did not follow the correct routine

Old or new: it pays to review

Increasingly, we are also finding faults on new and upgraded installations.  As an independent testing service, we can assist you to ensuring your system is working correctly, before you pay your final instalment.

By regularly maintaining your milking system, you will reduce the health risk to your cows and increase the overall efficiency of the milking process.  Our specialists can also advise you on the best ways to increase efficiency of the milking process to minimise milking time and maximise yield.

Optimise the operation

Our team of specialists are trained to test and diagnose problems with any milking system.  Using the latest methods of testing we will be able to insure your system is running problem free and optimised to your cows. We also offer guidance on the milking routine and parlour settings to optimise the balance between milking speed and protecting the udder from infections.
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The testing methods we use all comply with 6690 British/ISO Standard and Farm Assured schemes. We will also insure that you have the correct certification and paperwork to comply with your milk buyer’s requirements.

A team that works for you

We have a specialist in your area that will visit your farm and give you practical guidance on improving your milking system.  Every specialist is accredited by MEA and are part of the Parlour Safe program.

Each specialist is backed by a team who can be utilised to cover any size or type of equipment. Whether you have robots, a rotary or a conventional parlour our National team of parlour specialists are on-hand every working day to keep your parlour working correctly and efficiently.

Our services

  • Static testing
  • Dynamic testing
  • Wash cycle testing
  • Stray voltage detection

Parlour Design

It is your milking routine and level of automation that will determine time milking, instead of parlour size. Level of automation influences economic performance. We want our farmers to decrease their labour costs, boost production and improve efficiencies, to find out more contact our consulting division, Promar International.