Grassland Genetics

At Genus ABS our Grassland breeding goal is to create genetics that enable farmers to maximise profits from UK pasture-based systems. Sourcing genetics from countries renowned for this style of production, for example; Ireland, Australia and New Zealand as well as from the UK, best enables us to meet this goal.

  • Exceptional female fertility
  • Averaged sized, zero angularity and carry condition
  • High component milk
  • Walk on good legs and feet
  • Show well attached, longer lasting udders
  • Easy to managed cows.

Why not get involved with our grassland breeding programme?

Our grassland selection features genetics which will breed a cow that is suited to maximising milk from grazed grass and limited concentrates. These genetics will also breed a cow that calves regularly and at the same time each year.

The Grassland Breeding programme aims to identify bulls that breed daughters that are best suited to a grassland system.

Bulls selected for the Grassland programmes have been selected for:

  • High female fertility
  • Longevity
  • Low Somatic Cell Counts
  • Lower body weight with higher body condition score
  • Good udders, feet and legs
  • Calving ease
  • Milking speed and temperament
  • Good fat and protein scores.

The dams of these bulls have performed in the top 1% of the breed in herds managed on predominately grazing systems. They will be thoroughly progeny tested in grassland herds in the UK, Ireland and Australia as part of our global breeding programme.

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