A change in strategy alongside genetic tools to drive herd profitability.

Di and Pete Wastenage

Devon & Cornwall

Herd Type

Holstein Friesian

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Success with Sexcel®…

We have used Sexcel®, for the past two breeding seasons. In year one, we took a cautious approach and only used half sexed semen and half conventional semen. Historically, our concerns would have been around lower conception rates and compromising our tight calving block. However, after the first year our conception rates for Sexcel®, were only 2% lower than conventional semen, so in the second year we have used all sexed semen and more AI to beef. The Sexcel®, sires used last year included Peartree Bryster, Curra Scooby and Inch Dec and we recorded conception rates of between 62% and 67% for these sires on the milking herd.

Increasing genetic gain through the Herd Ranking Tool…

For the first time this year we also used Genus ABS herd ranking tool, which blends the data from the herd genetics rating and our NMR production data to highlight our most productive animals. These animals were then mated with Sexcel, while beef semen was also used from the start of mating on the lower production animals.

We have been very pleased with this tool as it provides the opportunity to produce heifer calves from our most productive dams.

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