Sexcel® & Beef InFocus™ – British Blue is the future for our block calving herd

Keith Davis


Herd Type

Friesian, Jersey, British Blue

Herd Size


Keith Davis milks a Spring Block calving herd of 900 Crossbred Jersey X Friesian cows half of the cows are milked once a day the other half twice a day

Keith purchased British Blue in the past but was reluctant to again due to Calving Ease. However, in May 2019, he purchased 150 straws of Genus ABS Sire Newpole Kojak and achieved a very healthy 55% CR to 1st service. Keith was very pleasantly surprised as on his 86 calving’s of Kojak he experienced no calving difficulties.

“My Number 1 priority when selecting beef bulls is gestation length and Calving Ease, because if I can get cows in the milking parlour 4 or 5 days earlier, we can get that milk in the tank quicker. The third criteria for me is calf quality, whilst it’s not a priority, it is a bonus and Kojak exceeded all 3 points of my criteria. I have been so happy with the results of Kojak I have ordered 900 straws of British Blue for use in Spring 2020.

Using British Blue has significantly improved the income from the sale of his beef calves and that increased cash crop from the British Blue’s will be the future of the beef sires in our herd.”

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