Sexcel Success Across Our Spring Block Calving Herds…

Llyr & Rhodri Lloyd

Dyfed, , United Kingdom

Herd Type

Holstein, Jersey-Friesians

Herd Size


“Sexcel will allow us to increase the genetic gain of the heifers in our Spring Block Calving herd, a goal which we aim to achieve in three years”

Llyr and Rhodri Lloyd from Dyfed currently milk 320 cows in a Spring Block Calving system and last year they made the decision to use Sexcel. They have worked closely alongside their Breeding Advisor Michael James to select sires with high quality components and short gestation lengths allowing them to accelerate the genetic progress of their herd to suit their Spring Calving milk contract.

Using Sexcel sires Curra Lightning and Seagull-Bay SR Stardust and achieving conception rates of 60% on heifers and 55% on cows Rodri and Llyr are confident they can still maintain a tight block while using sexcel, as there is no risks to the conception rates dropping. The result is that the most fertile heifers will calve at the beginning of the block so they are also breeding fertility into their herd. The reduction of dairy bull calves, unassisted calvings and the selection of heifer replacements will enable the Lloyd’s to free up more time to focus on other aspects of the enterprise.

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