Replacement success with Breeder Tag System

Peter and Mark Hewitt

Lancashire, United Kingdom

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Peter and Mark Hewitt are milking 400 cows three times a day at Battye Hill Farm, Lancashire. They currently average 11,800 litres with over 200 heifers, the aim is to keep expanding the herd so breeding replacement heifers from their best animals is paramount.  In October 2020 they wanted to use a heat detection system to help them achieve that goal, so they opted for the Breeder Tag System.

Peter and Mark Hewitt aim to keep expanding their herd so breeding replacement heifers from their best animals is paramount. Previously the family were using a mix of stock bulls and AI, they now have a Sexcel and Beef strategy. Cows are given a 45-day voluntary waiting period before being served, with the heats being detected by the Breeder Tag System and observation from Peter, Mark and Mark’s sons.

Peter Hewitt comments “We are currently getting 40 pregnancies a month, that’s an increase of 45% and we have seen a 5% improvement in conception rate and over 3% increase in Pregnancy Rate to 22% – all in just a few months! We are very happy with this as we can now control which animals are used to breed replacements and which are used to produce beef calves.”

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