Success with Sexcel® & Beef InFocus™ in an autumn block calving herd

Tom Matthews


Herd Type

Autumn Block Calving

Herd Size


Owner of Common Farm, Tom Matthews, and Herd Manager, Clive Bond, manage a 230-cow breeding herd, averaging 9,000kgs/cow on an autumn block calving, grass-based system.

In 2019, they used Sexcel® for the first time on heifers and were delighted with the results.

“We purchased 80 straws of Sexcel® Seagull-Bay Kimball which resulted in 58 pregnancies – a 72% conception rate! And we didn’t have any bull calves! Impressed with the success of Sexcel®, we decided to purchase 200 more straws of Kimball for the current breeding season to use on heifers and selected cows too. The fertility was once again exceptional. We actually had to stop serving because the fertility was so good – being a block calving herd it is essential our herd gets in calf quickly.

We have worked with our Breeding Advisor, Martin Cook for over 30 years and we work together to identify proven sires with good levels of production, balanced Type, Daughter Fertility with sound Feet and Legs. It is a great working relationship!

Furthermore, with only the best animals within the herd going to Sexcel®, it has meant a greater amount go straight to Beef InFocus™ sires.

Consequently, we have increased the profitability of our herd by producing a higher-value beef calf compared to a Holstein bull calf. We have used a mixture of British Blues, Aberdeen Angus and Longhorn bulls, because we have an outlet for those breeds. Our main criteria when choosing a Beef InFocus™ sire is Calving Ease and Gestation Length as the welfare of our cows is essential and Calf Quality, because we need to produce decent calves to sell. We are happy with the Conception Rates and quality of these calves.”

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