Wood Farm, Shropshire

Graham Potter


Herd Type

Fleckvieh, Holstein, Norwegian Red

Herd Size


“Since implementing the Sexcel® & Beef InFocus™ strategy we have achieved an 87% in-calf rate, 76% submission rate and 30% pregnancy rate, alongside a Sexcel® conception rate of 39%. The fertility of our block calving herd has improved alongside the increased value of our Beef Calves.” Graham Potter milks 250 cows on a three-way cross Autumn Block calving, Grazing system based in Shrewsbury. The results we have achieved with Sexcel® & Beef InFocus™ alongside the attention to detail of my RMS technician, Mark Forsyth, has resulted in tightening our block calving pattern, therefore reducing the number of Sync programmes we have used. Aside from the improvement in the herd’s Fertility we have seen a huge improvement in the quality of our beef calves. We have used Fertility Plus Blue Elite and we are very happy with the blue roan colouring of the calves as well as significantly improved calf quality which has resulted in higher prices at the market. Dairy Breeds used: Norwegian Red, Holstein, Fleckveih Beef Breeds used: Fertility Plus Blue Elite.

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