EnviroCow is a genetic index, launched by AHDB, which focuses on the breeding of cows for their environmental impact. The aim is to improve the environmental efficiency of milk production.

This index, launched in August 2021, considers factors including; cow lifespan, milk production, fertility and the Feed Advantage Index (Holsteins only).

The Head of Animal Genetics at AHDB, Marco Winters, said: “The environmental focus of EnviroCow reflects the important role cattle breeding can play in helping the farming industry reach its goal of net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.”

How is the EnviroCow index measured?

EnviroCow is expressed on a scale of -3 to +3. Bulls which share the ultimate environmental benefits with their daughters will be rated in the higher figures.

According to the index, the offspring of these bulls produce the least amount of GHG emissions over the course of their lifetime for each kilogram of solids-corrected milk they will produce.

The EnviroCow index favourably identifies the progeny of sires that live a long and healthy life.

Younger calving animals produce lower methane rates in terms of production ratios. Therefore, they have a lower life time carbon footprint.

In addition, cows with a better lifespan need lower replacement rates. Subsequently, leading to less methane emissions from the fewer stock numbers needed.

How can EnviroCow benefit you?

By utilising bulls with high EnviroCow scores, you can minimise your carbon footprint.

Not only that, the EnviroCow index also considers the Feed Advantage rate of Holstein animals. You could save yourself up to £500, per cow, per lifetime, on saved feed. This is by using an animal that has both high EnviroCow and Feed Advantage scores.

Mr Winters added: “EnviroCow and Feed Advantage will help farmers have a positive impact on the use of the world’s finite resources and the carbon footprint of UK dairy farming. Now they can move this up a gear with genetic indexes designed specifically to improve their dairy cow’s carbon emission credentials.”

Genus ABS is proud to own 53% of the top performing EnviroCow bulls, as of the top 100 genomic availability list, December 2022.

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