Genomic testing in dairy cattle is a type of genetic testing which gives information about the genetic merit of animals for key genetic traits.

This testing is used to identify traits related to milk production, health, and other important characteristics in cows. This is a very useful method when selecting the best cows in your herd to breed from.

To genomically test a cow, DNA will be taken through a small tissue sample from the ear along with pedigree information on the animal.

Our specialised equipment and software analyse the DNA, identifying those specific genetic markers associated with desirable traits.

GENEadvance® genomic testing benefits

GENEadvance® uses genomic testing to help you to identify the genetic potential of your heifers at a very young age.

This works by combining the knowledge of Genus ABS experts and the latest in genomic technology.

The results will enable your herd to rank on what is most important to you, allowing farmers to make more informed breeding decisions.

By using GENEadvance®, you will be able to define the best females to use in your herd to breed replacements.

GENEadvance® technology is extremely accurate and will supply you with much more accurate information compared to simply reviewing the pedigree or parentage of the females in your herd.

Once your herd has been ranked, you can then breed your animals with the most relevant genetics.

By breeding your best animals to create the next generation of heifers on your farm and the lower ranking females in the herd to beef, you will ultimately be maximising your profit potential.

What do our GENEadvance® customers think?

Genomically tested cows

Dave Mitchell, Snapewood Farm, Lancashire

“We have been genomic testing with GENEadvance® for a few years now on a Custom Index.

“We are just starting to calve-in the heifers created as a result of our personalised breeding plan provided with GENEadvance®. 

“The improvement in selection accuracy for breeding replacements is really starting to pay off. They are calving in solid, don’t melt away and are really consistent.

“I’m really liking these heifers coming in and they are milking well, whilst looking after themselves. 

“Genomic testing really helps to make the right breeding decisions to improve the herd and make faster genetic progress.”

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