It’s PARTYTIME all the time with Genus ABS

Genus ABS are proud to unveil a line-up of genomic sires that lead the PLI rankings with 8 of the top 10 PLI sires. Offering strength in depth and something to suit the diverse needs of the UK dairy industry Genus ABS have 90 sires over £700 PLI positioning them in the top 10% for profitability in the breed.

The number one PLI sire Bomaz FYNN, a Frazzled son from a Rubicon Dam, comes in with a chart topping £891 PLI. “He truly is the most complete sire in the market, along with his domineering PLI he offers 84.6 kgs of combined Fat and Protein, and +2.32 UK Type Merit,” comments Stephanie Doherty, European Breeding Programme Manager. “We are extremely excited to have the top bull in the industry available to farmers across the UK, his genetics will enable customers to make huge genetic progress and increase their profitability alongside improving type.”

In at number two is UK housed Hul-Stein PARTYTIME. “Partytime is one of the hottest sires on the planet. With a PLI of £882 he affirms himself as one of the top sires to increase profitability on farm. His refreshingly different sire stack adds to his attraction, being an Imax x Profit x Platinum. He boasts phenomenal weights of Fat, Protein and Milk. Daughters are expected to be moderate sized, with well attached udders,” concludes Stephanie.

Rounding of the top three in joint third position at £871 is the popular April release Denovo 8084 ENTITY, offering over 80Kgs of combined Fat and Protein and over 10 points of Fertility Index he fits the bill for many of the UK’s dairymen.

On the proven front it is great to see some of the best Genomic sires of their time surpassing their genomic predictions and heading to the top of the proven rankings. Sires like Jo-Super son Seagull-Bay JO DANCER, after adding a number of daughters to his proof he has increased by over 200kgs of Milk to 928Kgs and at a PLI of £608 holds his own against a lot of genomic sires on the market.

Described as the ‘British MVP’ ABS GRAZIE graduates with daughters milking in the UK, having been very popular both as a Cornerstone young sire and a Genomic sire in his own right. This Mardi Gras son has a fantastic type profile, offering extreme chest width, teat length and fantastic mammary scores. This crowned with over +2.00 Type Merit. Grazie also comes with a very attractive health and fitness package offering a Fertility Index of +8.8, saving customers £20 per daughter per year.

Bolstering the strong proven line-up are full brothers Larcrest CALUMET and Larcrest CAYLE, these two additions to the team descend from the Crimson line of the Larcrest Cosmopolitan cow family via a long chain of VG/EX dams. Calumet brings the complete package of production, health and confirmation to the table at almost 450Kgs of milk at 0.03% Fat and 0.06% Protein, +8.8 Daughter Fertility, +0.6 Lifespan and a whopping +3.26 UK Type Merit with +3.17 Mammary Improvement. ‘CALUMET is certainly stamping his daughters’ states Philp Dobson Dairy Product Specialist for Genus ABS, “100% of his classified daughters have been scored Good Plus (GP) or better. His brother Larcrest CAYLE is proving to be Mr farmer satisfaction with a number of farmers re-ordering on the strength of their initial milking daughters.’

All-in-all it has never been a better time for our customers to place their trust in us as their preferred genetic suppliers. The added bull power unveiled today coupled with the genetics consultancy provided by the extended Genus ABS team really positions us to deliver Profit from Genetic Progress to our valued customers.