Genetics keep improving. So should your mating program.

For 55 years, ABS Global’s GMS® has evolved to keep our customers’ herds on trend with industry standards – customizing cows that will work in specific herds, resulting in increased efficiency and profitability. Formerly known as Genetic Mating Services (launched in 1968) the program has transformed into Genetic Management System® (GMS®) 2.0.  It continues to offer sound, unbiased mating selections based on economically important production, health, and type traits. The result: longer-lasting, profitable cows. 

It’s used in more than 50 countries and totaling more than 165 million matings. In the last year, more than 13 million cows were mated, and more than 300 customers received a genetic audit. 

GMS® has stood the test time and will continue to evolve to make sure we’re meeting the needs of our valued customers.    If you’d like to learn more about how GMS® 2.0 can increase your herd’s genomic values and simplify your mating decisions – contact your local ABS Global Rep.

GMS Timeline Video

 GMS 55th Anniversary History Timeline – no music – 7-5-2023.mp4

Testimonial Videos

GMS 55th Anniversary – Nuggets for Social – Gary Endres Waunakee Wisconsin- 7-5-2023.mp4

GMS 55th Anniversary – Nuggets for Social – Pedro Nunes Brejo Alegre Farm Brazil – 7-5-2023.mp4

GMS 55 Year Video (Ellie + Katie)

GMS 55 Year Celebration – 7-10-2023.mp4

GMS 55th Anniversary – Nuggets for Social – Katie Olson – 7-5-2023.mp4

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