Sexcel® Sexed Genetics – Make your heifer replacement from your best cows.

A unit of semen brings no real value to a dairy farmer unless it results in the cow pregnant with a female calf. A healthy heifer needs to be born and only then can genetic progress be seen. That’s where the value is found.

At a time when efficiency is crucial on dairy farms, producers need to reduce their variables. Creating pregnancies with conventional semen is like flipping a coin – the odds of getting a male or female calf are generally the same.

Using Sexcel, customers have the power to decide with, as much precision as biology and technology currently allows, which part of the herd will pass on their genetics and make replacement heifers for the next generation.

Sexcel provides a high probability of success. Observations using ABS Real World Data® (RWD™) index demonstrated that Sexcel achieves a 90% relative conception rate to conventional semen.

*Results varies according to management, environment and animal.

Sexcel Sexed Genetics is available for: Holstein, Jersey, Norwegian Red, Milking Gyr, Girolando, and Nelore.

Fast Forward Your Genetic Progress

Sexcel has been created using the most advanced technology available on the market today, combined with superior fertility and the most profitable ABS genetics to help improve product performance.

Handling ABS Sexed Semen

We recommend discussing your goals and management style with a ABS artificial insemination specialist to ensure the best solution can be implemented. In addition, we suggest following our handling procedures and protocols, as outlined in the following guide.

Customers Using Sexcel

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