Ingenuity, the new herd-monitoring solution created and developed by Genus ABS, was designed to improve your herd’s health, well-being and reproductive performance.

By using intelligent technology to monitor herd activity, Ingenuity has the ability to highlight any warning signs of potential health issues.

Numerous illnesses are common on farms and will likely be amongst your herd from time-to-time. These health issues are monitored by Ingenuity’s new collars and pedometers, which can observe your cows 24/7.

Health issues such as; mastitis, lameness, ketosis, milk fever and metritis, are all costly illnesses that can be minimised.

Whilst technology cannot cure your cows or completely prevent them from getting sick, it can warn you when problems first start.

By identifying health issues early, you as the farmer, can treat the cow and stop the health issue becoming a bigger problem, in turn reducing the requirement for medicine and vet intervention.

Stress and discomfort can also seriously affect animals, with rumination heavily impacted when a cow is feeling unwell. Ingenuity picks up on these changes in rumination and provides specific alerts to help you identify and counteract the problem.

Our expert Ingenuity team will teach you how to interpret the data that Ingenuity collects and you will be able to access it in real-time through the app or online portal, 24/7.

Data is collected through the most intuitive management system, BoviSync, which is one of the most sophisticated data management systems available today.

By monitoring individual cow health more closely, it allows you to make better or different management decisions to improve future herd performance.

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