Buxton farm sees great results with silage additive

Harry Johnson and Chris Wood stood with silage clamp

Harry Johnson 

Location: Heath House Farm, Buxton 

Herd type: Holstein 

Herd size: 500 across two neighbouring farms 

Harry Johnson and his family in Longnor, Buxton, operate Heath House Farm where they manage a 500-cow dairy herd across two neighbouring farms. 

Producing milk for Müller, they seek highly-productive and efficient cows which they have been successful in breeding due to using Sexcel® sexed genetics on their best performing animals. They also use NuEra™ Beef Genetics on their lower-performing animals to breed high-value beef calf cash crops. 

Already maximising their genetic potential, Harry seeks further efficiency from other factors, such as feed. Powerstart® has been their ‘go-to’ silage additive for many years due to it’s fast-acting fermentation process and optimum tastiness for their cows, guaranteeing they enjoy every bite. 

Powerstart treated silage being eaten by a row of cows

When facing heavy rainfall, it’s important to delay grass-cutting to prevent getting any soil in with the silage. Cutting late can often present various issues for farmers, however, Harry doesn’t need to be concerned due to his confidence in the Powerstart® silage additive. 

Genus ABS Breeding Advisor, Chris Wood, is very proud of the success Heath House Farm has seen with Powerstart®. Watch below to see Harry and Chris reflect on their silage crafting strategy. 

Interested in using a fast-fermenting silage additive? You can purchase Powerstart® today online. For more information, get in touch with your local Genus ABS representative or visit our website.

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